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The Odyssey Tickets

St Pauls Church, Covent GardenLondon
Experience a magical evening of music, myth and monsters at The Actors' Church.

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Tickets for The Odyssey are available now!

The Actors' Church welcomes Troubadour Stageworks with their new production of The Odyssey, a dramatic adaptation of the epic classical poem, as part of their Theatre in the Garden Summer Season. Playing for three days only, don’t miss your chance to witness the ultimate homecoming. Book your tickets now!

What is The Odyssey about?

If you’ve ever been late home from a night out, you may empathise with Odysseus… The Odyssey is a classical poem about homecoming, but after twenty years away, can you possibly return as the same person who left?

Husband and wife, Odysseus and Penelope, recount the last twenty years of their lives to one another in an attempt to recognise each other again. Odysseus has spent a decade at war and the following 10 years after that floating from island to island, making love to the women who live there. Meanwhile, Penelope has spent twenty years raising their child alone on Ithaca, with the last decade surrounded by suitors who vie after Odysseus crown, and her hand in marriage. To put off the unwelcome advances, Penelope has been weaving a shroud for her father-in-law, only to unpick it again each night, with the promise that she will remarry when the shroud is finished.

After so long apart, can the separated couple find one another again, and, more importantly, do they want to?

About Troubadour Stageworks

Troubadour Stageworks are a registered theatrical charity that specialises in creating a stage in any space. Intersecting public education and heritage; the company aims to bring people together to experience forgotten spaces through theatrical performance.

Book tickets for The Odyssey now

A magical evening of music, myth, and monsters, book your tickets for The Odyssey at The Actors Church now.