5 Reasons Why You Should See "The Girls"

Posted on 14 June 2017

I had intended to see "The Girls" much nearer the start of it’s run, but as life happens it ended up taking me just short of 4 months into it’s run until I caught it – now there’s sadly just 5 weeks left to catch it in the West End. Therefore I thought I’d give you 5 reasons why you should go and see it. 


1.    It’s based on a true story – For me, anything that is based on a true story instantly has me interested, and this show is no exception. If you didn’t already know, the story is based on the film ‘Calendar Girls’ which is inspired by the true story of Yorkshire’s own group of ordinary ladies of the WI who achieved something extraordinary, by bending the rules and traditions for a good cause close to their hearts, which gives us a story worth remembering.

2.    The cast – The cast holding this show together are incredible. They each play their respective characters with an infectious charm, wit and warmth – there’s not a single character I disliked (even the antagonist of this story gives you a relatable “love to hate” feeling). Not only that, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of them, and they are genuinely some of the nicest people I’ve ever met – they were so grateful and friendly. They really deserve to be supported for their bravery and talents. 

3.    The music – There are some really charming songs, and something I noticed was that I believe all of the lead characters get a solo which I thought was lovely as it really gives you a greater understanding of the character and it gives each cast member their own time to shine. I’m eagerly awaiting the cast recording now! 

4.    It will inspire – Hearing this story of love and loss that relates to so many, will really touch your heart. It reminds you that we’re not alone in our struggles. As well as that, the cast actually get their kit off on stage, and as a young woman it’s incredibly inspiring to see women of all shapes, sizes and ages be so body confident.  I think it’s a challenge to not shed a tear at least once! 

5.    It’s brilliantly British – I just think this show is a brilliant example of classically British theatre. It’s emotional, heart-warming, inspiring, funny and charming. I think it’s a worthy watch for sure. 

There we have it, if you haven’t seen it yet – you have until the 15th July to catch it at the Phoenix Theatre, when it ends its 6-month run.  It’s a pity these great British shows don’t always get the run they deserve – but it’s not all doom and gloom as it will head out on a big UK tour in August 2018 so keep your eyes open for more information.