Eugenius musical stream raises over £13,000 for Acting for Others!

Posted on 23 March 2020

On Friday night, 20 March, Eugenius! The Musical, that was a triumph with two runs at London’s The Other Palace in 2017 and 2018, released an online stream in order to raise money for charity Acting for Others. The release coincided with a watch party at 7pm and brought together thousands of people who all streamed and enjoyed the magic of theatre from the safety of their homes. The streaming of the musical saw the donations flock in, raising money which will provide both financial and emotional assistance to those in the entertainment industry that need help. #GoEugenius

Eugenius musical raises thousands to support the arts industry!

The streaming party began at 7 pm on Facebook, with archive footage of Eugenius the Musical in full available for all to watch. It came with a link to donate to Acting for Others which is made up of 15 individual theatre charities. They offer support to those struggling in the entertainment industry at all times, but current times have made their support even more crucial. Eugenius the Musical passed 100K views on Facebook streams in just 5 hours and has raised over £13,500. You can still donate to the cause here and you can stream Eugenius! here.

What is Eugenius the Musical?

Eugenius comes from Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins and follows the story of Eugene who with the help of his friends, follows his dreams to turn his comic book into an actual Hollywood superhero movie. The 2018 production cast (shown on the recorded footage) feature Rob Houchen as Eugene, Laura Baldwin, Dan Buckley, Scott Paige, Neil McDermott, Emily Tierney, Alex Bourne, Simon Thomas, Christopher Ragland, Tom Senior and Alison Arnopp. The cast is complete by Lauren Cancannon, Ben Darcy, Titus Rowe, Dillon Scott-Lewis, Alex Tranter, Sasha Wareham and Amy West. The musical also featured the voices of Brian Blessed and Mark Hamill.

Eugenius raises money for the arts industry

The footage of Eugenius the Musical was never supposed to be seen but was released for this desperate time of need in order to raise money for the entertainment industry. You can still donate and watch the stream and if you want to help theatre go on then you can read here about where you can donate

By Jade Ali

A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y