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Posted on 13 September 2023

Set the magic free with Disney’s spectacular Frozen the Musical. The award-winning musical brings to life a world of sumptuous beauty, humour and iconic music in a jaw-dropping production to melt hearts of all ages. Frozen the Musical will defy all expectations on an unforgettable journey packed with thrilling surprises, hilarious characters and soaring music!  Check out our complete guide and find the answers to your questions about the West End production of Frozen the Musical.

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Who wrote Frozen the Musical?

Frozen the Musical is an adaptation of the 2013 film of the same name with music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and a book by playwright Jennifer Lee.

What is Frozen the Musical about?

Across the icy panes of Arendell, Frozen the Musical explores the relationship between two sisters who couldn't be more different, but nevertheless, share an unbreakable bond - Anna and Elsa. Elsa has the magic ability to freeze anyone in her path and any object she touches, however, she struggles to control her powers. To protect her family and the entire kingdom of Arendelle, she spends her childhood separated from her sister. 

After the death of their parents, Elsa inherits the throne. But when her magic powers are revealed, she flees, and the Kingdom of Arendelle is shrouded in eternal winter.

Meanwhile, Anna begins to fall in love with Prince Hans, but is he the perfect prince he seems to be? After leaving him in charge, Anna goes in search of her sister. On her travels, she meets and makes friends with Kristoff, his sassy reindeer companion Sven and a snowman who loves nothing more than a sun-tan. Can Anna save the day with her friends by her side? Will Hans win her heart? Book Frozen tickets today to find out how the story ends!

What songs are in Frozen the Musical?

The Frozen movie featured ten songs. However, Frozen the Musical expands on the original Frozen movie soundtrack and features over twenty songs. See below for the Frozen the Musical song list:

Act One

  • Vuelie
  • Let the Sun Shine On
  • A Little Bit of You
  • Hidden Folk
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
  • For the First Time in Forever
  • Hans of the Southern Isles
  • Dangerous to Dream
  • Love Is an Open Door
  • Reindeer Are Better Than People
  • What Do You Know About Love
  • In Summer
  • Hans of the Southern Isles (Reprise)
  • Let It Go

Act Two

  • Hygge
  • For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
  • Dangerous to Dream (Reprise)
  • Fixer Upper
  • Kristoff's Lullaby
  • Monster
  • Hans of the Southern Isles (Reprise 2)
  • True Love
  • Colder by the Minute
  • Finale

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez composed all songs except for Vuelie, which was written by Christophe Beck and Frode Fjellheim. The only song from the movie that does not appear on the Frozen the Musical soundtrack is Frozen Heart.

What age is Frozen the Musical suitable for?

Frozen the Musical is recommended for a general audience aged 6 and up. Children under the age of 4 (including babes in arms) will not be admitted into the theatre. All persons aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult and may not sit on their own within the auditorium.

Where is Frozen the Musical playing?

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane is home to Frozen the Musical in London’s Covent Garden. The production opened at the venue in 2021.

Who is in Frozen the Musical West End cast?

See below for the main Frozen the Musical London cast at a glance.

  • Elsa – Jenna Lee-James (maternity cover) and Samantha Barks.
  • Anna – Emily Lane 
  • Olaf – Craig Gallivan
  • Hans – Oliver Ormson
  • Duke of Weselton – Richard Frame
  • Sven - Ashley Birchall/Mikayla Jade (alternating)
  • Kristoff – Djavan van de Fliert 
  • Queen Iduna – Jacqui Sanchez
  • Oaken – Jak Skelly
  • King Agnarr – Kerry Spark
  • Bulda – Char Burnett
  • Pabbie – Ben Irish

For the full cast list and up-to-date Frozen West End cast announcements, check out our news pages.

Who was in the Frozen the Musical original cast?

Frozen the Musical opened on Broadway in March 2018. See below for the original Broadway cast.

  • Elsa – Caissie Levy
  • Anna – Patti Murin
  • Olaf – Greg Hildreth
  • Hans – John Riddle
  • Weselton – Robert Creighton
  • Sven – Andrew Pirozzi/Adam Jepsen (alternating)
  • Kristoff – Jelani Alladin
  • Young Elsa – Brooklyn Nelson/Ayla Schwartz (alternating)
  • Young Anna – Audrey Bennett/Mattea Conforti (alternating)
  • Queen Iduna – Ann Sanders
  • Oaken – Kevin Del Aguila
  • King Agnarr – James Brown III
  • Bulda – Olivia Phillip
  • Pabbie – Timothy Hughes
What to wear to Frozen the Musical

There is no dress code for the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. However, guests are welcome to dress up as their favourite Frozen character if they wish, you can also expect to see one of the greatest dress changes of all time! 

Is Frozen the Musical going on tour?

Frozen is not currently on tour in the UK. Stay tuned for future Frozen the Musical dates.

How long is Frozen the Musical?

The Frozen the Musical running time is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including a twenty-minute interval.

How much are Frozen the Musical tickets?

Frozen musical tickets are now on sale, booking until 17 May 2024. Find Frozen the Musical offers and great deals on Frozen the Musical family tickets and more at London Theatre Direct.

Where can I buy Frozen the Musical official merchandise?

Official Frozen merchandise is available to buy at the theatre.

What are the Frozen musical performance times?

Weekday and Saturday evening performances of Frozen The Musical typically run from 7 PM, while Sunday evening performances begin at 5.30 PM.

Frozen the Musical matinee times are from 2 PM on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday matinee performances generally start at 1 PM.

Where can I see a Frozen the Musical trailer?

Check out the Frozen the Musical West End trailer here!

Is Frozen the Musical good?

If you love Frozen the movie, chances are you will love Frozen the Musical, which has received rave West End reviews. With magical elements, stunning set design and impressive puppetry, the modern Disney classic is a fantastic night out for fans of all ages. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself by booking Frozen tickets now!

What is the Frozen the Musical dress change?

When Elsa transforms into the Snow Queen in Frozen, her outfit changes and is considered by many as an iconic Disney moment. To make this work for the musical, designer Christopher Oram designed a version of Elsa's regular outfit that tears away, allowing her to change into her iconic Let It Go dress instantly.

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