Five reasons why you should see Matilda!

Posted on 2 December 2021

Celebrating its tenth anniversary at the Cambridge Theatre, Matilda remains a popular show in London’s West End. Based on the magical story by renowned author, Roald Dahl, and with songs by actor and award-winning writer, Tim Minchin, this musical was always set to be a hit.

1. Based on a classic story

Matilda is a classic story that many have grown up with and adore. Before its adaptation into a hit musical, Matilda was adapted for the big screen in a film starring Mara Wilson. Fast forward 15 years, and it was brought to the West End in 2011. Seeing this iconic and cherished story brought to the stage in such a magical and whimsical way is a treat for all the senses.

2. Amazing staging and lighting effects

The show is full of amazing special effects that leave the audience spellbound; Matilda’s special telekinetic powers are especially fascinating to see being portrayed on stage. The magic and special effects are not just limited to Matilda, other characters also have amazing moments; Amanda Thripp gets swung around by her pigtails by the scary Miss Trunchbull in a way that will leave you in awe and you will be wondering just how they did it.

3. Immersive Performers

Make sure you look all around you as performers can and will appear from anywhere. One thing is for certain, you’ll certainly feel immersed in Matilda’s world.

4. The Characters

The show’s characterisation is quite simply amazing! The characters you know and love are faithfully represented by a talented cast including Elliot Harper who makes a wonderfully comedic Miss Trunchbull. Matilda’s parents Mr and Mrs Wormwood are played by Sebastien Torika and Annette McLaughlin, their characterisations are spot on! Torika even cracks a few jokes and has the audience captivated before the second act begins.

5. The music

The music is written by the talented Tim Minchin who won an award for Matilda at the Olivier Awards in 2012. The most iconic song, 'When I Grow Up', will have you singing it for many weeks after you’ve seen the show.

On its marvellous ten-year run, this is definitely a musical you will need to experience. 

Stephanie Rosborough

By Stephanie Rosborough

Ever since I was little, I have always loved going to see West End shows in London. As well as the theatre, I am also very passionate about photography and travelling. My dream is to be a theatrical photographer one day. I have had a blog for a few years now and I love writing about my experiences.