Posted on 28 October 2011

A variety of events for Halloween in London approaches. Don't forget to set your clocks back by an hour on Sunday 29th/Monday 30th October for that extended lie-in after you have been enjoying the Halloween weekend in London.

One event to head to for Halloween in London is the London Dungeon. Experience live actors, thrilling rides and exciting special effects. Step back into the darkest of times London’s past. On 28th October the venue is hosting the Dead Famous Party which will be trying to give you chills and scare you silly. The party will feature dead celebrity who have journeyed from beyond the grave, there's plenty of thrills and spine tingling chills to be had for fans of dressing up.

You can dress up as your favourite dead celebrity and join the other film and rock stars stalking the London Dungeon as you dance to tunes spun by DJs Bradley Scott Wilson and Glen Herbert offering a selection of RnB, hip hop, dance and party classics. The party begins with a chilling Scare Tour of the dungeon with one of the resident Ghost Hosts, while the range of Halloween themed drinks and cocktails available are the bar include Dungeon Thriller, Jack the Ripper, Witches' Brew and Plague Street Poison.

Yet more horrors await for those foolish enough to try the two rides, including the Extremis - Drop Ride to Doom ride where you fall victim to the hooded hangman. Also available over Halloween at London Dungeon is the Vengeance 5D ride, which will leave you cowering and shivering from fear as you experience a Victorian séance gone wrong... As you spin around in the darkness, can you duck, dive, dodge and shoot your way out? A high speed, high adrenaline ride, this is the ultimate ghost hunt with you at the heart of the action.

Of course you can also head to this top London attraction during the day for the tour with tickets now available.

Fancy a night out at the theatre for Halloween in London?

Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time set in a cemetry where Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf and dances with the undead. Head to the West End this Halloween and celebrate his entire body of work in the best selling show at the Lyric Theatre in London which stages Thriller Live.

Whatever you get up to for this Halloween in London, dress up and get ready to be scared!