Jenna Lee-James to cover as Elsa in Frozen

Posted on 1 August 2023

There’s a new queen of Arendelle! It has been announced that Jenna Lee-James will step in for Samantha Barks to play Elsa in Frozen later this month, following the news of Barks taking maternity leave. Barks is scheduled to return to Frozen at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 2024, and will leave the production later this month.

Jenna Lee-James and the cast of Frozen 

From 23 August Jenna Lee-James will join the company and assume the role of Elsa. Lee-James is known for her appearances in productions such as Cats, Mamma Mia!, We Will Rock You, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, among many others.

Lee-James will work alongside the current Frozen cast of Emily Lane as Anna, Djavan van de Fliert as Kristoff, Craig Gallivan as Olaf, Oliver Ormson as Hans, Richard Frame as Duke of Weselton, Mikayla Jade and Ashley Birchall as Sven and many more!

About Frozen 

What starts as a loving sisterly bond soon takes a sinister turn when Elsa’s powers spin out of control. Confined to the walls of Arendelle's castle, Elsa lives her life in secrecy, whilst on the other side of the door, all Anna longs for is love. 

As they grow and change Elsa’s true spirit cannot be contained. When her powers are revealed to the world, Elsa and Anna must face the ultimate test of family. Can Elsa save Arendelle from herself, and will Anna find the connection she desires? Boasting epic costumes (and even better costume changes), breath-taking props and renowned global hits such as 'Let It Go' - Frozen the Musical features an eccentric snowman, a sassy reindeer, and a kingdom trapped in ice. 

Frozen tickets are available now! 

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