Latest theatre shows

Posted on 25 July 2011

There are many musicals and plays in the west end, and if you are looking for the latest theatre shows in London, then you will be spoilt for choice.

These current summer months are proving popular with tourists and visitors, and with the autumn/winter season soon coming up, you should look to book your favourite musical/play now!

Theatre guides and newspapers advertise regularly the current productions and many offer reviews to give you a good synopsis and opinion before you buy tickets.

The most popular musicals at present, to name a few, are:

Lion King, Wicked, We Will Rock You, and the newest one to hit the Piccadilly theatre is Ghost the Musical! Yes the newest stage version of the 1990 classic hit movie which starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Its new to the West End so why not be one of the first to visit and review it for yourself!

Popular plays on at the moment are Betrayal, Butley, Pygmalion. If you have children and are wondering what to do over the seemingly long 6 week holidays, then why not consider the play based on the book The Tiger Who Came to Tea. With early day performances to cater for children and reasonable prices for tickets, its worth considering keeping the little ones entertained!

The Lion King is also an outstanding musical for not only children but adults alike! With animals (not real!) coming down the aisles and making you feel part of the circle of life; this is one show children will never forget.

If you’re more interested in modern dance or ballet, then there are many performances coming at the end of the summer. These don’t often run for very long, so make sure you book in advance to see your favourite steps on stage. Havana Rakatan, Midnight tango, Rambert Dance company, and Matthew Bournes Nutcracker are just a few productions due to come to the west end. Sadler’s Wells and The Peacock Theatre are the favourite venues for these types of productions.

The latest theatre shows can get very busy, so always try to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Remember to book from legitimate sources and avoid purchasing tickets from random people on the streets, not only is it illegal but chances are you will be cheated of tickets!

Don’t forget to look out for billboards on the underground, they often show the latest theatre shows and productions!