London theater tickets

Posted on 11 July 2011

Here is a small but helpful guide for our friends across the pond looking to buy London theater tickets. First thing is first, us Brits tend to spell some English words quite differently to our American cousins. In British English, we use "theatre" and in US English, it's spelt "theater". Not that it makes a great deal of difference as a search for "London theater tickets" on Google would normally bring up the same information! There are many ways of purchasing theatre tickets, and your best bet from being so far away would be via the internet.

In the UK we have a regulatory body, called STAR, and all its members are legitimate agents and sellers, so this is one of the key factors to bear in mind when sourcing tickets. Make sure the company you book through is a member, for peace of mind that you wont get ripped off! There are many companies out there offering all kinds of deals, prices, seats, meal deals, hotel packages, so if you enjoy browsing the web you will be satisfied at the number of possibilities available to you.

If you are due to visit London in a large number or group, you may wish to speak to your travel agent. They may be able to get you great seats and great prices through contacts and partners that they use regularly.

There are a lot of visitors coming over to London from the USA, so speak to friends, family, colleagues, you never know they may have been and have some great tips and recommendations.

As a guide most top price tickets in London should be no more than £80-90. Please note this is just a guide and if you find tickets higher than this, just double check their worth before you buy. All tickets have a Face Value, which is what the producers of the shows set for different seats in the auditorium. Agents and sellers are able to charge up to 25% on top. Different shows have different prices, but the well known top shows are all around similar prices. Many companies have special offer deals, and discounts, which are great value if you can attend weekday performances. You can even get a 2 course meal thrown in beforehand, it can be an expensive city so always worth to search deep and see what you can get for your money!

The last point to make is that if you decide to try and get London Theater tickets when you arrive, you can go to many ticket booths in and around the west end, which also have last minute tickets, but of course its first come first serve, so my advice is to plan in advance!