London Theatre Review: Witness for the Prosecution at County Hall, London in Southbank

Posted on 23 May 2019

Agatha Christie plays are seemingly impossible to write about. Not because they're bad, but because the audiences are sworn not to reveal anything. In fact, as you leave County Hall after a performance of the incredible Witness for the Prosecution, a sign stands in the foyer with the simple phrase: #SwornToSecrecy

That creates a problem in writing a review of this phenomenal show. It almost creates a fight club mentality. "The first rule of Christie, you can't speak about Christie!"

As you first enter the 'theatre', you are struck with a stunning sight to behold. The view of the County Hall works perfectly for a Courtroom Drama. At various points in the trial, the audience forgets that they are watching a play and are so immersed in the show that they genuinely feel they're in court. The staging of this play and phenomenal sound design create a very tense atmosphere and help to pull the audience in even more.

The actors in this theatrical masterclass are equally as good at creating the tension. Jasper Britton as the QC for the defence, Sir Wilfred Robarts, was fantastic. In the main 'story-telling' scenes, his character was well thought-out with equal measures of skill and comedy. When this character entered the courtroom, he took control of the stage, making it difficult to take your eyes off him.

Romaine Vole, the somewhat titular character in the piece, was performed superbly by Emma Rigby in her West End stage debut. A very clever portrayal performed with such skill that really cemented the twist ending as the shock that Christie plays are famous for.

Also making his West End stage debut in the role of Leonard Vole was Daniel Solbe. This is a mammoth of a role, with very little time off stage. It was handled brilliantly by Solbe, and like Rigby, performed with perfection to bring the twist crashing through.

That is where the spoilers would come in. If you want to see an incredible mystery where the twist ending hits you like a train, make sure that you go and have your day in court to see this fantastic production for yourself. However, beware, you will be sworn to secrecy.

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