Prime Day Deal Reveal: School of Rock

Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it, and that's precisely what rocker-turned-supply teacher Dewey sets out to do in School of Rock: The Musical. However, make no mistake, as fake it this show has not. Having rocked it out in London's West End for nearly two years now to much critical acclaim, this show has more than made it in its own right. And now, as part of London Theatre Direct's Prime Day deals, you can save up to 40% on this modern musical classic when you book on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day Deal Reveal: School of Rock

Pictured: Dewey and his students rock it out on stage

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When rock singer Dewey (Stephen Leask) suddenly finds himself out of work, he has no other choice but to resort to something drastic. By committing petty identity theft, Dewey poses as a supply teacher at a prestigious preparatory school to make some quick cash. One day at school, he stumbles across his students' hidden musical talents. Soon the class curriculum is completely thrown out the window as he and his students form a band to duke it out in the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition. Will Dewey manage to sneak the children off to the gig or will their parents, and worse, the headmaster find out?

The musical was based off the 2003 comedy film of the same name, which starred Jack Black, and it was a box office smash, raking in over 130 million dollars worldwide. House of Lords peer and writer Julian Fellowes adapted the American blockbuster into a musical in 2015 and was, in turn, nominated for a Tony Award for his work. According to Fellowes' interpretation, School of Rock is about music as the lingua franca of the world.

School of Rock: The Musical is now playing at the Gillian Lynne Theatre (formerly known as the New London Theatre), making it the first show to play under the venue's new name. The theatre was officially renamed last month after world-renowned choreographer Gillian Lynne, who unfortunately passed away just days after the ceremony for the renaming of the venue was held.

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