Priority Access for the return of The Woman In Black

Posted on 11 May 2021

The West End’s second longest running play The Woman in Black has announced it will reopen at London’s Fortune Theatre on Tuesday 7 September 2021. Get tickets for The Woman In Black first here and pay no booking fees! London’s family-favourite play, beloved by all ages, is ready to haunt theatreland once again. Book now and secure the best seats with our early access.

About The Woman in Black

Susan Hill’s best-selling novel The Woman in Black was adapted into a thrilling stage play by Stephen Mallatratt and was first performed in 1987 at the Theatre-By-The-Sea in Scarborough. In 1989, the play opened at the West End’s Fortune Theatre where it has played since, thrilling generation after generation and becoming one of London’s most successful plays. In 2019 it celebrated its 30th anniversary in the West End with a special gala performance and is renowned for having been enjoyed by thousands of school groups over the last three decades.

What is The Woman in Black about?

The play tells the story of a lawyer who is convinced that his family has been cursed by the elusive ‘Woman in Black’. With the help of a young actor, he endeavours to tell his story in order to vanquish the fear that possesses his soul. The tale begins innocently but gets darker at each twist and turn as he delves deeper into his darkest memories. Feel your skin crawl and hold onto the edge of your seat as the boundaries between reality and make-believe become blurred.  

About the reopening of The Woman In Black

Producer Peter Wilson said, “The Woman in Black is a now iconic piece of British theatre, offering a masterclass in storytelling, direction and performing, whether on tour across the United Kingdom or in the West End. Young people are amongst the most loyal supporters of The Woman in Black, and they have suffered significantly from the absence of art and entertainment throughout the past year.  With this in mind, we are pleased to be offering younger audience members free and reduced-price tickets in the West End and some touring venues. We cannot wait to bring The Woman in Black to you all again.”

Exclusive access to London tickets for The Woman In Black

Join the audiences who have been thrilled over three decades with the West End’s most intense play from 7 September. Get tickets for The Woman in Black from just £21.50 with our priority access!

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