Review: Back to the Future (Adelphi Theatre, West End)

Posted on 6 October 2021

I’m going Back to the Future!

You could almost see the tire marks on The Strand as I headed down to the Adelphi Theatre for 1.21 gigawatts of pure adrenaline and entertainment and Great Scott, does it live up to all the hype.

The adaptation of the film is almost secondary to the set and staging of Back to the Future. When the DeLorean hits the stage at 88mph it is a sight to behold and believe me, you want to, if you can, be sitting in the stalls for the fantastic twist which I won’t spoil. The lighting and other technical wizardry fuses together seamlessly and when mixed with the 'Power of Love' and a flux capacitor, Back to the Future The Musical has every ingredient to make this new musical a sure-fire hit. The set evolved from 1950’s Save the Clock Tower Hill Valley to 1985’s pop culture in the blink of an eye.

Transitioning from film to stage is a delicate task; it is most likely that certain nuances of Doc, Biff, George and, of course, Marty will have to be replicated in an almost twin-like scenario. This is Back to the Future's trump card! It is clear the cast has undertaken research into their roles. Roger Bart has Doc’s enthusiasm and enunciation in equal measure. Olly Dobson as Marty melds schoolboy charm with autonomy and ease. Both leads successfully break the fourth wall on more than one occasion in humourous and endearing ways. Aidan Cutler in the role of Biff was the pantomime villain, managing the audience so well that he became the lovable bully.

It is definitely worth a mention that the interior of the theatre has the décor to match the set. There is a Plutonium Bar and you can spend a while in the Hill Valley General Store. All of these little touches have made Back to the Future, which in itself a stellar night out, an epic experience and one that I will be back to watch again.

The standout star of the show? The DeLorean. No doubt about it!

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Kay Johal

By Kay Johal

Kay particularly enjoys musicals and has a passion for writing.