Review: Pretty Woman (Savoy Theatre) - Big Mistake. Huge…

Posted on 6 August 2021

…if you miss this show.  Pretty Woman, now housed in the luxurious Savoy Theatre tells us the rags to riches tale set to spectacular music care of Bryan Adams, delighting us with nostalgia from the ’80s/early '90s. 

This is a fab show for all reasons, a date night with your partner, girls’ night with the ladies, a feel-good night before hitting the tiles and of course, a hen night wouldn’t be complete without a blast of Roy Orbinson’s hit.

Taking on the titular role Aimee Atkinson is adorable and lovable in equal measure, her voice showed off to its best advantage, for me, was in ‘I Can't Go Back’, her Vivian to Danny Mac’s Edward prove to be a tour de force. Mac has every nuance of Edward in abundance, from the aloofness to the falling in love and the slickness and vulnerability of a man who has everything, but has nothing, proving that Love Is All You Need.

Bar Harms (multiple roles) and Rachel Wooding (Kit De Luca) provide staunch support to a solid cast. Much is made of the instantly recognisable outfits that Vivian wears, the infamous red dress, the polka dot dress and the knee-high boots.  These were all replicated almost immaculately and attention had been paid to the set, each prop complimenting the next.

This is one show that you definitely want to catch!

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