See the cast of Patriots in rehearsals

Posted on 25 May 2023

Striking new rehearsal images for the spectacular production Patriots have recently been released! Read on to take an intimate glimpse into the rehearsals of Tom Hollander and the exceptionally talented cast! 

Patriots, which follows the epic journey of oligarch Boris Berezovsky, comes to you from the brilliant creator of Netflix's beloved period drama The Crown. This eagerly awaited production is poised to make its grand entrance at the esteemed Noel Coward Theatre this year, with preview performances commencing Friday 26 May and further performances from 6 June. Book your tickets now!

The story of Patriots

“If the politicians cannot save Russia, then we businessmen must. We have not just the responsibility but the duty to become Russian heroes”.

Patriots immerses us in the tumultuous era of The Fall of the Soviet Union, a time brimming with palpable tension, profound uncertainty, and complete disarray. Within the ever-shifting landscapes of post-Soviet Russia, individuals find themselves positioned as either triumphant victors or helpless victims. 

Patriots delves into the narrative of Boris Berezovsky, a billionaire tycoon navigating the treacherous waters of a new breed of oligarchs who are ominously preparing to seize the reins of political power. 

Witness Berezovsky's descent from a pillar of influence as he hastily attempts to evade the clutches of Russia's emergent political regime. As Patriots unfolds, it reveals the gripping tale of a man ensnared within the currents of power and survival.

The cast and creatives of Patriots

This thrilling political drama is directed by Rupert Goold (Ink, Spring Awakening) and stars BAFTA-winning Tom Hollander (The Night Manager, Travesties) who will reprise his starring role as Berezovsky, with Will Keen (His Dark Materials) also returning to play Putin alongside Luke Thallon as Abramovich. Joining them from the original Almeida cast are Matt Concannon, Ronald Guttman, Sean Kingsley, Paul Kynman and Jessica Temple. Further casting is to be announced in due course.

Patriots tickets are available now!

Don’t miss Tom Hollander as he stars in Peter Morgan’s powerful analysis of Russian dissidence. 

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By Kevin Thomas

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