Sondheim Theatre Best Seats and Seating Plan

Posted on 26 June 2024

Sondheim Theatre is named after the legendary composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim (the clue is literally in the name), and located in the heart of theatreland on Shaftesbury Avenue - an address also shared with The Lyric Theatre and The Apollo Theatre, Gielgud Theatre!

The Grade II listed building opened as the Queen's Theatre in 1907, as a twin to the neighbouring Hicks Theatre (now the Gielgud Theatre). Unsurprisingly for a theatre, it has a pretty dramatic history! In the 1940s a German bomb fell onto the building during a production of Rebecca, the space then stayed shut for the next 20 years before opening with a one man production of Shakespeare speeches and sonnets by its neighbours namesake John Gielgud. In 2019, after a 20 week refurbishment the theatre was reopened, and renamed. The one thing that didn’t change? The musical playing inside. Sondheim Theatre has been the home to Les Misérables for the past 20 years! 

What are the best seats at Sondheim Theatre?

Choosing the best seats at The Sondheim Theatre depends on your personal preference. If you like to feel fully immersed in the piece, and want to feel as close to the action as possible, then the Stalls, which sit on the ground floor, are your best bet. And, with no aisle in the large auditorium, this is the largest section of the theatre, so there are plenty of seats to choose from! The rake is subtle however, meaning that it may be difficult to avoid taller audience members if they sit in front of you. There is also an overhang from the Dress Circle, meaning that the upper half of the stage (and the top half of the Les Misérables barricade) is obstructed if you are at the very back of this section.

If you want to take in the entire spectacle, and with the huge ensemble and big set pieces, Les Miserables is a spectacle, then the Dress Circle is an excellent choice. One level above the Stalls, and overlooking the stage, you can see the entire stage in all its glory. If you’re looking for cheaper seats, the ‘slips’ in the Dress Circle are a great choice, they sit at an angle, but still provide a brilliant view if you don’t mind leaning forward.

Sitting above the Dress Circle is the Upper Circle. This is the highest section in the theatre, and therefore can feel slightly distant from the action. However, the legroom is excellent and the views are unobstructed. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a budget friendly option. 

Sondheim Theatre seating plan

How many seats are at the Sondheim Theatre?

Sondheim Theatre has a capacity of 1,137. Spread across the Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle, with the majority of the seating located in the Stalls. 

Are there accessible seats at the Sondheim Theatre?

Wheelchair access to the auditorium is through the fourth side door on Wardour Street,  an Access Host will be able to offer assistance and show you to your seating location from this entrance. The Schönberg Loge has step-free access and is able to accommodate up to two wheelchairs with companions. There are also wheelchair transfer seating available in the Dress Circle on the aisle of Row D (seats D2 or D29).

There are 18 steps from the foyer up to the rear Dress Circle. 21 steps from the foyer down to the Stalls. 39 steps from the foyer to up the Grand Circle (this area is quite steep).

The Sondheim Theatre can provide two different types of hearing enhancement aids and welcome pawsome assistance dogs throughout the auditorium. Alternatively, the staff are more than happy to look after your pooches whilst you enjoy the performance. 

What shows are on at the Sondheim Theatre?

You’ll hear the people sing at the Sondheim Theatre, Les Misérables has been playing at the theatre since 2004. The show is the longest running musical in the West End, having first opened at the Barbican Centre in 1985!

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