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    Theatre Etiquette

    Theatre Etiquette
    If attending the theatre for the first time, you might want to know a few pointers when attending! Here are some of the main points to consider in our handy guide to Theatre Etiquette.

    Dress code
    No need to dress up, let alone wear dinner jackets and evening gowns, as was once the case. But try to be a little better dressed . Most theatres have the same rule: - smart/casual, no jeans or trainers permitted. If in doubt, you can always check in advance with the theatre.

    Theatre etiquette
    Unfortunately photos and video recording are not permitted inside the theatre. This is due to the fact it can distract both audience and cast, and besides, you can always purchase an official photo from the souvenir shop inside the theatre!

    Mobile phones
    It’s a no no I’m afraid! How frustrating would it be when the person next to you is constantly texting, or calling throughout a performance! People are known to do it, but ruins everyone else’s evening. Mobile phones are to be turned off throughout the shows!
    That also goes for no talking during the performance! Nothing worse than people having a chit chat, and catching up on all the gossip!

    If you’re not sure when to take your seats, a warning bell may ring or an announcement made shortly before the start of the show or the end of the interval. You should then make your way to your seats. Try not to be late otherwise the curtain goes up and a lot of unhappy audience member will have to get up to let you in!
    You may also like to note that coming and going to your seats should be avoided unless of course it is an emergency.

    Babies and Children
    AS a general rule, babies and children under 3 are not permitted into the theatre. If there is exception, for example it’s a children’s musical or play, then if you child starts to create noise, they need to be taken outside to avoid disruption to the rest of the audience.

    Heights and hats!
    If you are a particularly tall person, it may be worth trying to get an aisle seat, not only for a bit more leg room, but to consider the people behind you. Same goes for big hair and hats! Hats should not really be worn in the theatre, and avoid the big hair do’s.

    I hope this theatre etiquette guide has helped you if you are going to the theatre for the first time. The most common rule is to be considerate to others. You are there to watch and listen, as is everybody else!

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