#TheatreReporters: We Will Rock You Exclusive Review No.2

Posted on 4 June 2012

 We Will Rock You is now in its 11th year in London having celebrated its 10th anniversary performance recently. It is no surprise that WWRY continues to thrill and fill The Dominion Theatre night after night!

 This is certainly not a show to be taken too seriously! I went to We Will Rock you not knowing anything about the show or storyline! The plot is a bit deep and confusing at times! Written by Ben Elton, his rather unusual comedy style is evident but even if you find the plot a bit challenging you just can`t help but enjoy it! WWRY is so much fun and laugh out loud funny at times it would be hard not to feel you had really received your moneys` worth after each performance! 

The basic story is about a time in the future when creating music freely is banned and there are no musical instruments ( almost like a futuristic Footloose) Bohemians rebel against this rule and dream of a time when they can create their own music and write their own songs. Galileo has ideas and tunes that pop into his head and he has no idea why. 
We were exceptionally lucky to see Scott Monello play the part of Galileo! Scott is an accomplished performer and a particular favourite of mine – he played the part of Galileo with great enthusiasm and skill, and his pitch perfect vocals were appreciated by the audience who whooped and cheered throughout!  On this occasion the part of Scaramouche was performed by Lauren Varnham who was so natural and comfortable in the role and had amazing comedic timing! I have to say I loved Brenda Edwards` portrayal of the slightly psychotic Killer Queen and her facial expressions were hilarious! Other strong performances were given by Alasdair Harvey and Kevin Kennedy (better known as Curly Watts in Coronation Street!) The entire ensemble were all enthusiastic and camped it up with talented creativity !! I could not take my eyes off the gorgeous Dominic Tribuzio  !
Credit must go to the creative team - Willie Williams` lighting was innovative and Mark Fisher uses a simple set design to great effect. 
Of course, the main focus of this show is the music of Queen which is capably performed by the orchestra and cast vocals. It makes me so happy to be part of an enthusiastic and appreciative audience and WWRY had the entire theatre on its feet in standing ovation! Bravo ! 
Submitted by guest blogger Sarah.