Top 5 Frozen the Musical songs #StageySoundtrackSunday

Posted on 26 June 2022

Disney’s Frozen the Musical opened at the West End’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane in September 2021 (with previews from August) and it has melted the hearts of UK theatregoers. The spectacular musical based on the 2013 animated film quickly shot to worldwide fame and thankfully it wasn’t too long until it was adapted for the stage. With additional songs written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, this epic show has one of our favourite soundtracks. Which makes picking a top 5 all the more difficult…

Check out what made it onto our top 5 below. #StageySoundtrackSunday

5. For the First Time in Forever

‘For The First Time in Forever’ is such a great number and a really fun sequence. It really takes a scene that is so beloved from the animated film and brings it to life on stage. It’s a great way to get to know the sisters, the progression of their relationship and to move the story along. Its also just super fun!

4. Love Is An Open Door

Of course, we’re not rooting for the bad guy. But ‘Love Is An Open Door’ is undoubtedly an incredible song. Plus, the choreography and set design for this number are really remarkable. Not to mention the song is super catchy and upbeat!

3. I Can’t Lose You

‘I Can’t Lose You’ is one of the newer songs in the musical. When Frozen was adapted for the stage and the Lopez’s wrote over ten additional songs, this didn’t make the cut. This song sadly replaces the ‘First Time In Forever Reprise’ which is also such a good number, but nonetheless the emotions in this song are guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings.

2. Monster

This was a very close call and almost came in at number one. ‘Monster’ is for sure the favourite from the new songs. It is a really heartbreaking insight into Elsa’s character and how she feels about herself. It’s a powerful song, both musically and emotionally, and is often a favourite amongst Frozen fans.

1. Let It Go

‘Let It Go’ had to be top of the list. It’s incredibly popular for a reason! And it’s even more breath-taking when you see it performed on stage. Whether the cold bothers you anyway (or not), this song will give you goosebumps when witnessed live.

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