Top 5 reasons why you should see Hamilton

Posted on 21 February 2023

The Tony Award-winning show Hamilton tears a political chapter from the 18th-century history books and rewrites it into an R&B masterpiece, accompanied by electrifying beats, razor-sharp lyrics and an epic modern twist. This revolutionary hip-hop history lesson signs its own theatrical declaration of independence, bringing the turbulent early years of America to life in an unforgettable way.

Dancing along the human condition, Hamilton explores ambition, conflict, legacy and pride, offering a front-row seat to the struggle that shaped a nation…all whilst making it feel like a non-stop party. Arm yourself for warfare, tears and intricate footwork, because here are the top 5 reasons why you should book tickets for Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre today!

The story

Set against the backdrop of the American War of Independence, the story of Hamilton settles on the line between rags-to-riches and heroism. Our founding father goes through various transformations, from his humble beginnings as an orphaned Caribbean immigrant to his rise to power as George Washington’s aid, fundamentally, his drive to build his legacy is what propels the story forward.

Whilst he is a brilliantly ambitious young man, Hamilton is impulsive and prone to making enemies. His universal story is painfully relatable, reflecting our constant desire for status, whilst suggesting that maybe our biggest obstacle is not war or external factors, but ourselves and how we deal with imperfections. However, throughout it all, Hamilton reminds the audience that the human spirit is powerful and enduring.

The cultural impact 

Since its 2015 Broadway debut, Hamilton has redefined what is possible in the world of musical theatre, through its profound mind-changing effect on how we view American history. The cultural sensation questions pre-accepted knowledge and emphasises the contributions of people of different races and gender to the creation of America, especially immigrants and women. Beyond this, Hamilton has spawned viral moments, memes and fan art. The original cast album has sold millions of copies worldwide, attracting the likes of former President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's fellow Broadway star Ben Platt. With its powerful message of inclusivity and its infectious music, Hamilton has established itself as a cultural phenomenon.

The staging 

The staging of Hamilton is a spectacle to behold, combining a traditional stage production with modern multimedia techniques to create a dynamic and visually stunning experience. The show's set is designed to be minimalist, allowing the actors and choreography to take centre stage, while the lighting and projections help to create an immersive atmosphere that brings the story to life. In addition, the use of period-appropriate costumes and props, along with innovative choreography, transports the audience back to the era of the American Revolution. The use of a rotating stage and other dynamic staging techniques keeps the show fresh and thrilling, adding to the overall impact of the performance.

The music 

The music of Hamilton is a delightful and genre-defying fusion of style, wordplay, historical references and emotional depth. From the opening number, ‘Alexander Hamilton’ with its rapid-fire delivery of lyrics and catchy melody, to the poignant ‘It's Quiet Uptown’ which tells the story of the Hamiltons' aching grief after losing his son, the songs of Hamilton inspire listeners to seize their opportunities. Whether it's the joyful celebration of ‘The Schuyler Sisters’ the heartbreak of ‘Burn’ or the determination of ‘Non-Stop’ the music of Hamilton has the power to move people in profound ways, eliciting feelings of hope, empathy, and inspiration. The music conveys the character's personalities, motivations, and emotional states, such as Hamilton’s rapid-fire delivery that mirrors his wit and intelligence.

The diversity of the characters

Hamilton features a myriad and complex cast of characters, each with unique qualities and personalities. As the protagonist of the show, Alexander Hamilton is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters in Hamilton, fans are drawn to his intelligence, ambition, and unrelenting work ethic, as well as his flawed and humanising moments of vulnerability. Despite serving as Hamilton's antagonist, Aaron Burr is also a fan-favourite character. Fans adore his smooth, understated style, his philosophical musings, and the complexities of his relationship with Hamilton. 

The Schuyler Sisters, comprised of Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy, are popular among fans for their vivacious personalities, their powerful harmonies, and their empowering message of female independence and agency. Then there is George Washington, the father of the country and Hamilton's mentor, fans are drawn to his dignity, wisdom, and leadership qualities. The characters are an essential part of what makes Hamilton such an impactful and resonant show, helping to bring the history of the American Revolution to life in a way that brims with diversity.

Tickets for Hamilton are available now! 

Prepare to have your history-loving mind blown and your feet tapping to the beat - Hamilton is the show to see - with rapping founding fathers, jaw-dropping choreography, and a soundtrack so good you'll want to sing it from the rooftops, it's the musical experience of a lifetime!

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By Kevin Thomas

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