Top 5 theatre shows in London to see this Valentine’s Day

Posted on 3 February 2023

Whether you want a day out with your best pal or partner, or you’d like to treat yourself this Valentine's Day - there’s one thing that we can all agree on, our love for theatre shows never ends, no matter the day of the year. Cupid is aiming his arrow at the West End and shooting at the top 5 theatre shows in London that you’re sure to fall in love with! So, this Valentine’s Day in London spread the love with tickets to your favourite theatre show!

& Juliet 

See it baby one more time! The sexy and freeing production & Juliet combines all of Max Martin’s colossal pop hits into the ultimate party playlist. In this fabulous alternate ending, Juliet drops Romeo’s name from the title and says no to a dagger to the heart. With her best friends, Juliet heads for the city of lights to attend the party of a lifetime. Set to the beat of explosive numbers such as ‘Confident’, ‘Roar’, ‘Baby One More time’ ‘Oops…I Did It Again’, ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’. & Juliet puts the double p in pop perfection - this vibrant journey of self-discovery will take you from singing your heart out in your living room at 3 am to singing along with the cast on stage and there will be tears, lots of them - of laughter and joy of course! 

& Juliet will end its West End run on 25 March 2023, we’re begging you, don’t miss out!


Boy meets girl, boy tries to win girl… only Daniel Fish’s adaptation of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! is anything but a fairytale. Laced with dark desires and intentions, Fish’s Oklahoma! maintains some of the humour of the original, but the great frontier is changing. Set within the Western Indian Territory shortly after the turn of the 20th century, dashingly arrogant cowboy Curly endeavours to win over precious farm girl Laurey, whilst avoiding the wicked tricks of shady farmhand Jud Fry. The road to love is rough, shrouded in darkness, tension, questions of consent, misogyny and gun violence. 

Prepare to travel to the state of Oklahoma! 

Crazy For You 

The dreams of Bobby Child are filled with shining lights and standing ovations, but his wealthy mother has different expectations. Upon his mother’s request to bag a mortgage, Bobby takes a reluctant trip to the remote mining town of Deadrock, Nevada. As it goes, the mortgage is for a run-down Victorian theatre. It is there that Bobby meets Polly, the girl of his dreams and the daughter of the theatre's owner. What will come of their story when Polly discovers Bobby’s true reason for visiting Deadrock? Can the theatre be saved? This divine and giddy production captures the purity of theatrical romance, through the allure of the stars. Crazy For You is the ultimate guilty pleasure and the perfect show to see this Valentine’s Day! 

Moulin Rouge! The Musical 

Glamour, seduction and freedom…much like the iconic film, Moulin Rouge! has it all. 

There will always be drama in any cabaret, and with its turbulent love story, Moulin Rogue! is no exception. Follow star performer Satine and her American boo Christian, as they navigate the clutches of owner Harold Zidler and the wealthy and powerful Duke. 

Is it all worth it for love? Harold has set Satine up with the Duke to save the future of the Moulin Rouge, but unbeknownst to Harold, the Duke harbours a violent and disturbing past, driving Christian and Satine further and further…but perhaps love does prevail above all. The spectacular music of Moulin Rouge! is composed of a pop score by musicians including David Bowie, Elton John, The Police, Debarge, Christina Aguilera and many more!

Phantom of The Opera 

The Phantom of the Opera is the psychologically intricate and captivating tale of the century. Since its 1986 London premiere, 145 million people have paid a visit to the cursed opera house. Cast out by society due to a facial deformity, the musical genius Phantom stalks the grounds of the Paris opera house - it is there that he meets the beautiful Christina and sees her operatic superstar potential. However, as the plot thickens, the Phantom becomes more obsessed and when a young man from Christine's past pays a visit, his obsession leads him to destruction. 

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By Kevin Thomas

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