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With an appetite for excess, it seems no one can tame him... or can SHE? Based on true story, The Libertine stars Dominic Cooper

About The Libertine

Dominic Cooper to star in The Libertine

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Dominic Cooper returns to the stage to play the notorious Earl of Rochester in this major revival of The Libertine, directed by Terry Johnson.
Stephen Jeffreys’ play, later made into a film, tells the true story of John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester – a charismatic poet, playwright and rake with a legendary appetite for excess. This most ardent of hedonists is forced to reconsider everything he thinks and feels when a chance encounter with an actress at the Playhouse sends him reeling...

Full of flair and wit, this brilliant play is both a wild period piece and an incisive critique of life in an age of excess.

"You will not like me. No, I say you will not," taunts the Earl of Rochester at the opening of this riotously funny and intriguing comedy of sexual manners… based on the life of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester (1647-80), poet and satirist. The Libertine presents Rochester as the ultimate, sensation-seeking product of a decadent era. 

The Libertine tickets on sale at the Theatre Royal Haymarket from 22 September to 3 December with opening night for press on 27 September. Tickets from £18


Under 16s not admitted.


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The Libertine Customer Reviews

3.2 / 5 (5)
38 hours ago

Fair play. Nothing new here. Hard to understand rapid speech.would not go again.

38 hours ago

The performance lacked 'spark'. There was no cohesion between the characters. The acting was amateurish in parts.

3 days ago

An amazing atmosphere before the play even begins, really transports you to that era of society. Brilliantly funny and dark at times with amazing acting by Dominic Cooper and by every cast member. Would love to see this again.

6 days ago

We loved the show. Superb performances by all the actors in one of the most beautiful theatres in London! The booking staff were lovely we had a great night. Highly recommended.

23 September

Dominic Cooper was the only good thing in it. It is expected, nowadays, that anything with sex in it will be popular. While I’m sure that has been the case for eons, it is so hard to shock in the 21st Century in London, and so the arts have to either discover something inspired, or scrape the bottom of the barrel. ‘The Libertine’ does the latter. The play was ridden with crudity and cheap laughs and, as someone who has half a brain, turned out to be really rather boring. The character development in the first half set the scene and lowered my expectations drastically. Not to mention the fact that so much was garbled I missed so much dialogue. The female protagonist was lacklustre, uninspiring, unconvincing and borderline insipid. Allcock provided some much needed respite from the drudgery of the storyline, but was not involved nearly enough. The desirable prostitute boasted comportment and appearance as though she’d just been highjacked from Eastenders. Credit to Mrs. Rochester, she was well played, just a dull and pointless character. I had even considered not going back for the second half which, 2 minutes into the opening thereof, namely the miming of a cringe-inspiring song about dildos, I wished I had. It was salvaged only by the credible discomfort of Mr. Harris, who did provide some light relief. At no point did I feel any sympathy or empathy for any of the characters and left the theatre completely unmoved. The only reason I remember any of it today, is to give you this piece of writing, emphasising my disappointment. To conclude, the actors drew short straws by performing a poor play (ironic, given the premise surrounding the constant theme of poor playwriting throughout) however the redeeming quality (Dominic Cooper) did not make up for a wasted evening.

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