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Eddie Izzard - One Word Improv Tickets

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Palace TheatreLondon
Eddie Izzard One Word Improv - one night only at the Palace Theatre!

After 20 years they're back! One Word Improv, the return. 

Stephen Frost (Impro AllstarsSuki Webster (Paul Merton Impro ChumsNeil Mullarkey (Comedy Store Players) and some bloke they met in a pub, Eddie Izzard, or something. You give them one word and off they go! No script, no rehearsals... but laughs aplenty.

Pure Impro, pure enjoyment, puerile. What more could you want? Old hands, new laughs. 

Eddie Izzard returns to the West End, arriving at London’s Palace Theatre for one more performance only!

Izzard is well known for his rambling style of comedy, often brining a whimsical stream of consciousness to the stage, much to the audiences’ bemusement. True to form,  promises to deliver the audience with laughs a plenty.

For the past three years Izzard has been touring the globe, presenting his stand-up comedy show to audiences in four different languages. By the time - One Word Improv reaches the Palace Theatre, it will have been seen by audiences in Ireland, Russia, South Africa, Canada, the United States and regional parts of the UK and London

For one performance only, book Eddie Izzard - One Word Improv on 12 February​