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Mlima's Tale Tickets

Kiln Theatre London
Mlima's death is just the beginning in this devastating tale of corruption.

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Making its UK premiere at Kiln Theatre, Mlima's Tale is the haunting story of corruption and cruelty from two-time Pulitzer Prize® winning playwright Lynn Nottage. Be one of the first to witness the powerful and poignant journey of one elephant’s journey through the afterlife, as he follows those that caused his abrupt and violent demise. Book your tickets today!

What is Mlima's Tale about?

Milma the Mountain casts a shadow over the ivory trade market, haunting the corrupt gamekeepers and law officials who allowed and profited from his barbaric murder. Killed for his striking tusks, Mlima’s spirit follows their journey as they are passed from nefarious bureaucrats and traders to ship captains and artists, all eager to exploit his magnificent tusks for commercial gain. This striking play beautifully tells the tale of one of humans’ ugliest acts and is a personal tragedy with universal implications.

The creatives of Mlima's Tale

Directed by Miranda Cromwell (Death of a Salesman) and written by Pulitzer Prize® winning playwright Lynn Nottage. Design by Amelia Jane Hankin, lighting design from Amy Mae, and composition by Femi Temowo. The casting director is Lottie Hines CDG, the voice and dialect coach is Hazel Holder and the Kiln-Mackintosh resident assistant director is Jessica Mensah

Casting is yet to be announced.

Book your tickets for Mlima's Tale now!

An emotional tale of the ivory trade that will leave an impression long after you leave the theatre, don’t miss your chance to witness this incredible story. Book your tickets today!