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My Children! My Africa! Tickets

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Trafalgar Studios 2London

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South Africa, 1985

The fourth decade of apartheid

Two opposing forces struggle for the soul of Thami, a young, brilliant black man. His teacher insists that education, even the inferior "Bantu" education he is forced to teach, is the way to liberation. But Thami has begun to listen to angrier voices...

Written by Athol Fugard.  Produced by Two Sheds Theatre and directed by Roger Mortimer & Deborah Edgington


***** 'Everyone should go and see it... the passion all three actors exhibit leaves one at a loss for words... deserving to be packed to the doors with critics and audiences alike, this production burns a hole in your heart and your head'
Theatre Bubble
**** 'Combines the urgency and import of Fugard's message with the delicacy of the complex relationships that bind the characters together... an excellent cast... utterly relevant'
The Stage

'Incisive, visceral and kinetic... smacks the audience with unremitting force... Incredibly, it is a cast of merely three that hold together this epic story. Collectively, and individually, they are an absolute revelation... utterly scintillating fare, undoubtedly falling into the box marked 'essential''
Bargain Theatreland

'Urgent, confrontational and still relevant over twenty years after the fall of apartheid'
'A real landmark play in South African theatrical history'

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