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Peaky Blinders: The Rise Tickets

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The Camden GarrisonLondon
Peaky Blinders: The Rise comes to the Camden Garrison for a night of immersive action!

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Peaky Blinders: The Rise tickets are available now! 

Based on the notorious and critically-acclaimed television show Peaky Blinders, Peaky Blinders: The Rise is a one-of-a-kind fully immersive theatre show set within the world of the Shelby Company. By order of The Peaky Blinders, don’t just watch, interact! Tickets for this thrilling drama experience at the new state-of-the-art Camden Garrison are available to purchase now.

About Peaky Blinders: The Rise 

Prepare to walk the urban settings of 1920s London. The year is 1921, a time of golden-age cinema, Victorian terraces and post-war prosperity. Mob boss Tommy Shelby has sent you an important invite. He has a plan, one that he needs your personal input on. However, this isn’t any old meeting, it is a night of celebration and victory! 

Step inside The Shelby Family Camden warehouse and decide how your night unfolds. Whether you rest your feet at the pub, advise Tommy on his business endeavours, or conspire with the Italians in the cabaret lounge, how the meeting goes is up to you. 

Explore live sets, participate in challenges and interact with the show's most beloved characters. Whether you follow the show or have only seen a single episode, a night at the Shelby’s is not one to miss, but keep your eyes open, because enemies could be lurking around any corner.

The creatives of Peaky Blinders: The Rise 

Peaky Blinders: The Rise is presented by Immesive Everywhere in collaboration with the creator of Peaky Blinders Steven Knight alongside Caryn Mandabach Productions. The Creative Director and Director of Peaky Blinders: The Rise is Tom Maller (Doctor Who: Time Fracture and Arcane, Casino Royale, Romeo + Juliet and Blade Runner: Final Cut with Secret Cinema) with Production Design by Rebecca Brower (Doctor Who: Time Fracture, Secret Cinema Presents Arcane: Bat Out Of Hell). 

Craig Hamilton is set to play Tommy Shelby, with Emma Stansfield as Polly Gray and Kieran Mortell as Arthur Shelby.

Peaky Blinders: The Rise tickets are available now!

Prepare to immerse yourself into The Shelby legacy in this unique take on Peaky Blinders, tickets for Peaky Blinders: The Rise are available now!