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Pinter 2: The Lover/The Collection Tickets

Harold Pinter Theatre, London4.640 reviews
The new Harold Pinter season at the Pinter featuring David Suchet

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Top Rated Show
Top Rated Show
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Pinter at the Pinter season tickets are now available! Pinter 2: The Lover/The Collection tickets are only available through 20 October!

Two miniature comedic masterpieces from the 1960s, The Lover and The Collection, which explore secrets, lies and seduction. These shows are directed by Jamie Lloyd.
Playful and provocative, The Lover features a conventional, suburban couple in unconventional circumstances. The Collection, hailed as one of the outstanding plays of the 20th Century by Laurence Olivier, delves into the intriguing mystery of two London couples linked by sexual desire and a quest for supremacy. 
Cast includes David Suchet, Hayley Squires Russel Tovey and John MacMillan.

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The Pinter at the Pinter Season consists of 7 different productions, make sure you have tickets to all of the others as well!

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Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 5 will not be admitted.

Running time

1hr 50min

Performance dates

13 September - 20 October 2018

Special notes

A special pre-show charity performance of Pinter’s Nobel Lecture Art, Truth and Politics will be performed by Mark Rylance at 6pm Thursday 4 October in aid of Stop the War.

Venue Information

Harold Pinter TheatrePanton Street, London, SW1Y 4DN

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Customer Reviews

40 reviews4.6

Michelle21st October

Just brilliant! Great play, great director, great staging. Lovely theatre, nice drinks. Loved it. Thank you

Margaret Kennedy21st October

The Collection was brilliant, all the ambiguities and menace associated with Pinter. The Lover is an altogether slighter piece, though very well done.

Linda & Paul Butler21st October

Terrific direction . Though it does help to have good actors , who are able to perform Pinters script and timing perfectly . David Suchet and Russell Tovey excelled .

shewholiftswins21st October

John Macmillan and Hayley Squires stand out in these two plays, as they appear as a couple in both of them. Their accents and intonation are period-perfect, a considerable, though subtle, feat not often witnessed in performances these days. Macmillan's rich, plummy tones are reminiscent of Dom Warrington's at his best, providing the perfect foil to Squires' lush ultrafeminine squeals. The Lover is a completely 'bonkers', thoroughly enjoyable play showing British suburban repression and creativity at its best. The Collection is equally enjoyable, a fascinating look at relationships at a time where homosexuality was still illegal in the UK. David Suchet and Russell Tovey are beautifully matched, with Suchet channelling the very best of Larry Olivier, archly playing up to the audience's utter delight. Tovey's muscular traditional beefcake physique is used to great effect in his gestures and superb body language: indeed, the play showcases wonderful non-verbal acting from all involved. The colourful 1960s mise en scene, minimalistic yet sufficient, is a visual pleasure. Beautifully, beautifully cast - beautiful all round.

John19th October

superb, great acting, and great interpretation. especially The Collection which is subtly interpreted, about the ambiguity of sexuality.

Stephen Tupper19th October

Two one act plays that were well staged and well acted

Lynne Overend19th October

David Suchet and Russ Tovey were brilliant. Such a good idea to show all Pinter's short pieces. They don't date. Still relevant.

Celia Jones18th October

Excellent. Tense, intriguing and very funny.

Rosie18th October

Fantastic evening - talented actors, really enjoyed the plays.

Mary-Vere Parr18th October

Great acting from three of the leads and very sharp assured direction but I still don't get it that Pinter is such a great dramatist!

Michael Haffenden18th October

very good thanks great acting and nice 2 stories nice to see russell walking about in his underwear too

ed bliss18th October

Great acting, fresh and lively direction. Good emphasis on the comic aspects. I really appreciate the time the actors took to come out afterward to answer audience questions. Roll on Pinter 3!