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Pinter 5: The Room/Victoria Station/Family Voices Tickets

Harold Pinter Theatre, London4.275 reviews
Pinter 5 tickets are now available to see Jane Horrocks in the Pinter Season

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Pinter 5 tickets are now available! Pinter 5: The Room/Victoria Station/Family Voices has arrived in the West End!

The Pinter at the Pinter Season continues with another triple bill featuring The Room, Victoria Station and Family Voices. The cast for the evening includes Jane Horrocks, Emma Naomi and Nicholas Woodeson,

Pinter’s first play, The Room will be directed by Pinter’s friend and collaborator Patrick Marber. This surprising and funny piece from 1957 features a very familiar and increasingly topical English xenophobia.

The extremely funny Victoria Station and the thoughtful Family Voices feature solitary voices as they struggle to communicate, but how well can any of us ever express ourselves?

Cast includes Rupert Graves, Jane Horrocks, Emma NaomiLuke Thallon, and Nicholas Woodesen

Do not miss your chance to see Pinter 5, part of the Harold Pinter Season. Book your Pinter 5: The Room/Victoria Station/Family Voices tickets at the Pinter now to ensure the best seats at the best prices.

The Pinter at the Pinter Season consists of 7 different productions, make sure you have tickets to all of the others as well!

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Also coming to the Pinter at the Pinter season is Betrayal starring Tom Hiddleston!

Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 5 will not be admitted.

Running time

2hrs 5mins (including interval)

Performance dates

13 December 2018 – 26 January 2019

Venue Information

Harold Pinter TheatrePanton Street, London, SW1Y 4DN

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Customer Reviews

75 reviews4.2

Paszabi Ágnes Rita30th January

I never had a particular affinity to Pinter . Read the plays beforehand, and youldn't really make head or tails of it. After the theatre experience, I think I finally can start to like him.

Mrs Susan Clements27th January

The stars were very good as was the whole cast, I enjoyed The Room and Victoria Station but family voices I found very wordy

Fiona p27th January

It was not pointed out that the seats we had booked required a constant twist in the neck combined with having to look up and this discomfort overshadowed the performance which we could only in fact see half of anyway

customer27th January


Christine Shuttleworth27th January

Superb production of three short plays with once again a brilliant cast. Rupert Graves in particular was a revelation, cast against type as an inarticulate van driver The Room. Graves reappeared as a taxi driver in Victoria Station in a hilarious but disturbing dialogue with Colin McFarlane. Once again I wasn't totally happy with the minimal programme, although what did I expect for £1? But why use illegible white type against a pale background, ,and why couldn't the 10 blank squares on the back have been filled by pics of the cast and other individuals?

abigail taubin27th January

Superb on every front acting and staging

Sara sugarman27th January

I thought it was a bad production. Actors we’re mid cast with exception of Rupert graves

Maria G27th January

Wonderful production of thought provoking plays with amazing actors. Very enjoyable!

Martin (Canterbury)25th January

The best of the Pinter series that I've seen. 'Victoria Station' was hilarious, and had deeper resonances at the same time. (These distinguished it from a Two Ronnies sketch, with which it's been compared). And 'Family Voices' was funny and disturbing: very good on the young man's would-be cheerfulness and insecurity (excellently acted by Luke Thallon). An interesting theme of parent-child relationships linked the first and last plays. The acting was consistently good throughout all three pieces. Pinter is being rediscovered and refreshed!

Mr Saiful Islam25th January

I wouldn't call a play, a 'product', so your survey language needs to be more tailored. The theatre is too steep to see from the top. But the L row seats which we had were great. Never understood why there is no middle aisle. The plays were fabulous, though the last one 'Family Voices' dragged a tiny bit.

Olaf Schaefers25th January

I liked the set and the actors, but I didn't liked the plays, they seem without any sense to me, especially THE ROOM and VICTORIA STATION

Peter Henderson25th January

The entire series has been a joy! Excellent staging, direction, pairings of shows and completely fantastic performances from EVERYONE! Some plays are better than others of course, i particularly loved the sketches which i had never seen before.