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Shooting Hedda Gabler Tickets

Rose Theatre KingstonKingston
Reality and fiction clash in this heartfelt adaptation of Henrik Ibsen‘s masterpiece.
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Tickets for Shooting Hedda Gabler at Rose Theatre Kingston are available now!

How far will a person go to escape their past? Reality and fiction clash in this psychologically challenging, radical and heartfelt adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece, Hedda Gabler. Experience the thrilling world of Shooting Hedda Gabler at the Rose Theatre Kingston! Book your tickets now!

About Shooting Hedda Gabler 

Shooting Hedda Gabler follows the gripping story of an American actress who seizes a golden opportunity to break free from the clutches of Hollywood and seek artistic credibility by accepting the lead role in a Norwegian film adaptation of Hedda Gabler

Eager to escape her haunting past as a child star and distance herself from the tabloid gossip that surrounds her, she sets off on a journey to Norway, leaving behind a scandalous incident involving a self-driving Tesla and the paparazzi. As she steps onto the film set, she finds herself plunged into a world where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred under the productions visionary director, Henrik, a brilliant but stern filmmaker. 

With cameras rolling at every moment and the unexpected arrival of one of her ex-lovers, her sense of reality becomes fragile and paranoia takes hold. The atmosphere on set becomes increasingly claustrophobic, intensifying the tension and suspense - but she will do anything to escape herself. Henrik, determined to create an unforgettable finale, becomes consumed by finding a way to end the film with a resounding bang.

The creatives of Shooting Hedda Gabler 

Shooting Hedda Gabler is a powerful and affectionate reimagining of Ibsen's timeless masterpiece, crafted by gifted writer Nina Segal and directed by the acclaimed Jeff James, known for his brilliant adaptation of Persuasion.

Shooting Hedda Gabler tickets are available now!

Ambition, artistry, and the desire for escape collide in this masterful adaptation that explores lengths that one will go to capture the perfect shot, this is one you don’t want to miss! Book your tickets for Shooting Hedda Gabler at Rose Theatre Kingston today!

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