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    The Braille Legacy Customer Reviews

    5 / 5 (18 customer reviews)

    Nathalie Pease

    5 July 17

    Very inspiring and uplifting show. The performances were very good and the young actor playing Louis Braille has a wonderful voice. Some of the ensemble songs were reminiscent of "Les Miserables". I would definitely recommend this show.


    4 July 17

    Pros: Good story, great cast, gorgeous music. Some reviews commented on the inappropriate use of blindfolds but I thought this was a stroke of genius because it demonstrated when the blind children were developing independence compared to ('scuse pun) being kept in the dark. Suggestions: Make it sung-through and turn the existing spoken parts into song; Use a larger stage and larger cast eg larger class of children. Overall, a very good musical which gets better on 2nd and 3rd viewings as the songs become more familiar. I left the theatre humming but a little tearful because of the emotional connection I felt to the main character. Give me an original, adult story and score over film adaptation, juke box and Disney anytime!.

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