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The Shining stage adaptation could be set to premiere in the West End

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The Shining could be coming to a West End stage

According to Forbes, the iconic story from Stephen King could be in the works for a stage adaptation, which is reported to make a premiere in London’s West End before later heading to Broadway. Tickets for The Shining on stage may be a long way off, but it certainly could be on the way. If anyone has the “shining” then please let us know all the details as we already can’t wait!

The Shining stage adaptation

The Shining is Stephen King’s best-selling horror novel, the 1977 book has sold over a million copies, and the film adaptation starring Jack Nicholson is regarded as a cult classic. However, King expert George Beahm confirms it was originally envisioned as a play. Tony Award-winning Simon Stephens (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) has been adapting the classic story for the stage. Overseeing the adaptation is acclaimed multi-award-winning director Ivo Van Hove (All About Eve, Noel Coward Theatre). The thrilling play is said to premiere in the West End before transferring over to Broadway.

What is The Shining about?

Both the book and the film are acclaimed classics worldwide. For those who aren’t fans of horror, may just recognise it from the iconic scene of Jack Nicholson breaking his way through a door (yes, it’s that one!), and for others, it’s an all-time favourite. The story tells the tale of a hotel caretaker who goes insane. The hotel is closed for the winter and it’s just the caretaker along with his family in residence – and of course, a whole host of creepy spirits. Once Jack, the caretaker, loses his mind, his wife Wendy and son Danny must survive, but being snowed into the remote hotel, with only ghosts for company, is there any escape?

The history of The Shining

The widely acclaimed story by Stephen King is both a bestselling book and a cult classic film. The Shining film is considered one of the most influential horror films of all time and certainly has a place cemented in pop culture. The United States even selected the film for preservation in 2018 by the National Film Registry. Initially, the film received a bad reception, with a slow start at the box office and mixed reviews, but over time it received the appraisal that it so well deserves. The film recently saw a sequel released, Doctor Sleep, starring Ewan McGregor, which continues the story several decades after the first. It was The Shining novel, published in 1977, that saw Stephen King earn success and be established as a renowned author in the horror genre. The bestselling novel is based on King’s personal experiences, inspired both by The Stanley Hotel and his own recovery from alcoholism. Alcoholism is also a theme in the sequel Doctor Sleep; the novel of which was published in 2013.

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