Where to buy cheap theatre tickets in London?

Wanting to know where to buy cheap theatre tickets in London? Well read on to find out the possibilities.

There are many ticket booths in and around the west end, the most renowned is in Leicester square. Some great bargains can be had there, with the chance of up to half price off tickets.

The only issue is you cant buy in advance, you have to turn up on the day, or the day before and get served on a first come first served basis. Tickets are not guaranteed and therefore some of the big hit musicals may have sold out, so providing your not too fussy with want you want to see, you may have a good chance of getting cheap tickets.

If you plan your trip then you can book with agents online or the theatres directly. Check the official websites for special offers from the industry body that represents London theatres. sign up for newsletters to help you choose a show and to check the bargains before your trip to London. Some shows have special offers, so you can get deals like 2 for 1, or ‘no booking fee’ offers etc etc. Some hotels and concierge desks can get tickets for the theatre. There are also many packages to be had, when you can get a one or two night stay in a hotel and a theatre ticket included. Same with restaurant deals, websites offer ‘pre-theatre’ meal deals with a theatre ticket included these normally work out for great value for money and many savings can be made.

The big west end shows get booked up quickly but some theatres do keep some tickets back to release on the door on the day. Contact the theatres directly to see what time the tickets are released. Tickets are not guaranteed and there may be a limit on the number you can buy. 90 minutes before a show starts returned tickets arrive back at the box office from ticket agents. Check with the individual theatre directly to see if this is likely to happen when you want to go.

One great way of getting cheap tickets and entertaining the kids, is to try and book in kids week. Kids week is normally set in the last 2 weeks of august where children aged 5-16 years can go free of charge. not all theatres comply so make sure to check before you book! you need to book direct with the theatres.

Hopefully that helped you learn where to buy cheap theatre tickets in London.

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