Review of Disney’s The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre

By Claire Jones, London

As a ‘grown-up’ attending a performance of The Lion King, I was hesitant if such a renowned childhood classic story could be suitable and enjoyable the likes of me and my 60 year old mum!

Now in its 11th year I wondered what all the hype was about, surely such an old story would have its day... I was mistaken... After searching long and hard for the best seats in the house, I managed to obtain my Lion King tickets by booking them online and we sat in the centre of row E of the stalls....MAGICAL!
From the second the curtain went up, I knew we were going to be in for a memorial experience, and indeed a pleasant surprise.  A wave of emotion went through me, with the sounding of the African drums and vocals, and I was overwhelmed to see a life size elephant heading towards the stage!
I found myself in tears in those first 2 minutes simply due to the amazing quality of the costumes, and stage presence of all the animals.  It was very empowering and I felt like I wanted to jump onto the stage and join the cast roaring as a lion!  
The attention to detail can only be described as impeccable and you can see the 100% effort made by cast and backstage crew.  The staging, layout, costumes, was second to none, and was amazed at the stunts, and stage work.
From tears of sadness to laughter and joy, the production encapsulated every emotion and portrayed the famous story line to the audience, young and old.
There is something for all ages, even the sight of Simba’s 6-pack is not to be missed! Everyone left with a smile on their face and there was a real buzz throughout the auditorium.  It was warm enchanting and simply stunning.
If you want to see a show that will leave you feeling happy, uplifting, I recommend visiting The Lion King, it was worth every penny!

There really is something for everyone. Such a feel-good show; colourful and fun. You really feel as though you’re in Africa and in typical Disney fashion, you immediately connect with the characters and join in their adventures.

The music is very catchy and everyone was singing along.  And visually, the Lion King is stunning.

I really would advise everyone, young and old to book Lion King tickets and see this amazing show at the Lyceum Theatre in London. 

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