The Million Dollar Question: "Where Can I Buy Cheap Lion King Tickets?"

Many people search for "Cheap Lion King tickets" or "Cheapest Lion King tickets" online, but the simple truth is that even after 15 years in London's West End, Disney's The Lion King doesn't ever offer discount tickets. We summarise some of the most asked questions about Lion King ticket prices.

"So How Do I Get Discounted Lion King Tickets?"
The closest you will get to discount Lion King tickets is when selected ticketing partners of Disney and the Lyceum Theatre offer a Lion King No Booking Fee offer, which basically means that tickets are prices exactly the same as if you were to buy them in person from the Lyceum Theatre Box Office.

"Why Do Other Shows Offer Discounted Tickets When The Lion King Discounted Tickets Are Not Available?"
The answer to this one is simple: Demand. Well, demand, popularity and almost certainly, quality. Disney's The Lion King would best be described as a premium show. 

"But Wait, Can I Get Cheaper Lion King Tickets If I Book A Group To See The Lion King?"
Ah, now you are on to something. Yes, during certain periods in the year and for certain performances, you can buy tickets for the Lion King at less than the individual price if you are booking a group over a certain number. This applies to both regular and student Lion King groups. For more information about The Lion King group ticket rates, click here.

"What About Unofficial Sources? I've Seen Some Cheap Lion King Tickets Advertised Online."
Well, first and foremost, you should only ever buy London theatre tickets from an official source, such as London Theatre Direct, other official ticket agencies that are S.T.A.R. members, the TKTS booth on Leicester Square or the Lyceum Theatre Box Office.  Buying tickets from unofficial sources like ticket touts (or scalpers) and unofficial websites or auction sites is really asking for trouble. Remember, that anyone advertising cheap Lion King tickets is almost certainly to good to be true.

"But Really, Are There No Lion King Ticket Discounts?"
No. Not ever. Nada. The best opportunity is to either book tickets during a No Booking Fee offer, look at the cheaper Lion King seat prices or get enough friends, family or work colleagues together to book a Lion King group.

[Written by Klara while thinking about Simba and listening to "The Circle Of Life"]


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