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The War Of The Roses Trilogy at the Rose Theatre, Kingston

Rufus Hound will be joining Joely Richardson, Robert Sheehan and Kåre Conradi in the Trevor Nunn directed The Wars of the Roses trilogy. Tickets from £12.50 while stocks last!

Shakespeare's Game Of Thrones.

A nation at war with itself. Father against son, husband against wife, brother against brother.

Epic, enthralling, extraordinary. This autumn the Rose stage will be transformed into a battleground for The Wars of the Roses, a gripping distillation of four of Shakespeare’s history plays, directed by Trevor Nunn, one of the world’s leading Shakespearean directors.

A spectacular theatrical event not seen since it was first produced at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1963 by Peter Hall & John Barton, The War of the Roses is a trilogy of plays about one of the most tumultuous and intriguing periods of British history - the 15th century conflict between the House of York and the House of Lancaster for the throne of England.

Through these plays Shakespeare examines the very essence of human conflict. A tale of feuding families, murderous kings and adulterous queens, scheming and betrayal, revolts and battles, The Wars of the Roses chronicles the final struggle for power in medieval England.

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