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Shaolin Monks - Shaolin Tickets

Peacock Theatre, London4.515 reviews

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The ultimate Shaolin Kung Fu masters return to the UK for the first time in seven years with a brand new show. Jam packed with incredible feats of strength and skill to delight the whole family.
Shaolin is the ultimate display of theatre and physical prowess. The twenty-member cast perform incredible feats, combining traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu, inch perfect choreography and dramatic lighting and sound that evokes the spirit of their traditions in one stunning performance.
Taking audiences on a journey through the mystical history of this ancient martial art and demonstrating the beautiful movements of Chi with astonishing weapons and combat demonstrations, Shaolin is an authentic and awe-inspiring performance.
No under 5’s admitted.

Additional Information

Age restriction

5 years

Running time

1 hr 50 mins (including one 20 min interval)

Performance dates

Tuesday 29 September – Saturday 17 October 2015

Special notes

No under 5's admitted

Venue Information

Peacock TheatrePortugal Street, Kingsway, London, WC2A 2HT

Special Offer

Shaolin Monks - Shaolin Ticket Offer Details

Price Band A £38 reduced to £27 (grey coloured seats)
Price Band C £24 reduced to £17 (red coloured seats)

Valid days:
Thu 8 Oct (7.30pm)
Sun 11 Oct (6.30pm)
Tue 13 Oct (7.30pm)
Wed 14 Oct (7.30pm)
Thu 15 Oct (7.30pm)

Customer Reviews

15 reviews4.5

Michelle Hodge2nd November

The skill of the performers is undeniable, though the format felt a little dated. That's not to say we didn't enjoy it! They really were incredible! And for the price of the ticket it was a good night out.

andrew woodbine15th October

Nice Evening Out! - Intresting storyline about the Shaolin Monks With Impressing Martial Arts Action.

Babli Sharma14th October

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. The physical and mental strength and capabilities were amazing. I would like to know more about the training routines and life style of those who practice this form of Kung fu as that was not touched upon. The story line made it a little like fantasy, but we know that it is not fantasy. And I will try to find out more, now that I have seen what they can do.

alexandra wilby14th October

Vibrant performance with the bonus of 2 musicians on stage.

Erika Horvath12th October

Breathtaking performance, amazing skills.

Katarzyna Sikorski12th October

The show is very impressive and interesting. Some of the stunts are breathtaking. Incredible power of mind.

Peter Lewis12th October

I got a good price for the show. The shaolin Monks were fantastic.

Deborah Rice11th October

Was expecting a dance orientated show, not a series of over rehearsed sequences of fight scenes made even more cringeworthy when the weapons appear to be cardboard and foil. The loud narration aimed at the younger members of the audience ( I assume) was patronising and not needed. Clearly the performers were expert and some of the stunts really remarkable. There was no flow to the story and the children at the end who stood with one leg above their head for what seemed an enterity , became uncomfortable to watch. Need to ask ourselves why the monks are doing this?

Jijia Zuo9th October

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Carlos Mejuto8th October

The monks were fantastic !!! It was my third time going to see them and it gets better each time I go. I highly recommend you go .

Rose Corris8th October

Such a talented group, great performance from start to finish.

M L C San-Wireko7th October

Breathing taking stuns and beautiful atmospheric music made the show a must see for all ages. Love it!