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Tanguera Tickets

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Sadler's WellsLondon
★★★★“Tanguera ups the stakes and gives tango a blood-and-guts love story to whip its legs around…pure heaven” -- Metro
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Sadler's Wells favourite returns, in this classic tango production,Tanguera!

With a cast of over 30 dancers and singers, Tanguera tells a story of unrequited love in early 20th century Buenos Aires. When Giselle, a young French woman, arrives in Argentina as one of the first waves of European immigrants, she meets Lorenzo, a port worker who falls in love with her at first sight. But as Giselle falls deeper into Buenos Aires’ seedy underworld, Lorenzo must fight to win her love.

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Band A for £34 (standard price £52)
Band B for £27.50 (standard price £46) 
Band C for £19 (standard price £36)
Band D for £14 (standard price £26)

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