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The Spirit part 3 Tickets

Battersea Arts CentreLondon
Thibault Delferiere is one of Europe’s most distinctive and radical disabled artists

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Thibault Delferiere in The Spirit at Battersea Arts Centre

Thibault Delferiere presents a trio of performance pieces that mix physical theatre, visual art and live music. This multi-talented artist is a painter, performance artist, photographer and videographer who also presents workshops. The performer makes a rare UK appearance at the Battersea Arts Centre to present his new trio of performances pieces. Book your tickets to The Spirit now. Please remember each week a different piece of the trio will be performed. See all three pieces by booking tickets for performances in each of the 3 consequetive weeks, or enjoy any of the parts of the trio as a stand alone performance. 

The Spirit part 3 tickets now available!

A rare UK appearance of one of Europe’s most distinctive and radical disabled artists.

Belgian performer Thibault Delferiere and director Jack McNamara (Sisyphus) create a visceral, provocative trio of performances exploring the changing state of the human spirit.

Combining physical theatre with visual art and live music, Delferiere pushes at the limits of experience in a way that few artists would dare.

A new part of the trio will be performed each week. See them individually or experience all three. This is the final part of the trio. For tickets to the first 2 parts of the trio, use the links below:

🎟Book tickets to Part One of The Spirit
🎟Book tickets to Part Two of The Spirit

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Book tickets now to see any or all parts of Thibault Delferiere’s performance art trio, The Spirit.