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Our Great Tchaikovsky Tickets

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Other PalaceLondon
Hershey Felder shines in this truly stunning production of Our Great Tchaikovsky.

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Hershey Felder embodies a legend in his moving one man show Our Great Tchaikovsky.  Known best for his ballets Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty as well as his concertos and countless other musical masterpieces, Tchaikovsky is also known as a figure with a troubled personal history. The treatment of his personal life by his government and speculation surrounding the cause of his death aged only 53 are highlighted in this melodic work.

Felder, an award winning actor and musician, brings life to his character and his music. Our Great Tchaikovsky broke box office records and received wide spread critical acclaim after its opening in the United States in January 2017. This incredible reception and the timeliness of the show's themes pushed Felder to bring this tremendous work to the West End instead of the previously announced Bernstein/Berlin productions.

Felder’s incredible acting and masterful piano skills will bring Tchaikovsky to light in new ways.

Do not miss this incredibly limited run of Our Great Tchaikovsky at The Other Palace.

NB: Hershey Felder OUR GREAT TCHAIKOVSKY is to replace the previously announced Bernstein and Berlin productions at The Other Palace in London.


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