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Wickedly Ever-Green Tickets

St Pauls Church, Covent GardenLondon
Defy gravity with Wickedly Ever-Green…A Musical Theatre Celebration at The Actors’ Church
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Tickets for Wickedly Ever-Green are available now!

And nobody in all of Oz, no wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna stop this party! Mark Robert Petty presents Wickedly Ever-Green…A Musical Theatre Celebration at The Actors’ Church on Sunday 16th July, featuring six former stars (who are yet to be announced) from the musical Wicked. Book your tickets today for an evening of celebrating songs from one of the world's classically modern musicals!

About Wicked 

In a twist of fate, when Dorothy Gale's farmhouse crashed onto the Wicked Witch of the East, it shattered the perception of her wickedness, revealing a deeper truth. For years, we had believed she was irredeemably wicked, but what if there was another side to her story?

Wicked unveils a remarkable tale of friendship and belonging between Elphaba (The Wicked With of The West) and Glinda (The Good Witch). It challenges the perception of the Wicked Witch, who perhaps isn’t so wicked after all - revealing a deeper truth about her character and what led to her circumstance. 

Their journey of self-discovery, prejudice, and heartache leads them down different paths, ultimately resulting in their titles. The story delves into their complex characters, showing choices that shaped their destinies. 

About Mark Robert Petty 

For the past five years, Mark has successfully organised the concert series The Crazy Coqs Presents. Additionally, he has been the producer of A Musical Theatre Christmas, a delightful event taking place at The Actors' Church for the past two years.

Mark is not only a skilled producer but also a talented lyricist. Collaborating with Barry Anderson, they form the renowned songwriting duo, Anderson & Petty

Mark has released two remarkable albums. The first, titled You Are Home: The Songs of Anderson & Petty, features extraordinary performances from numerous stars from the stage and screen. 

The second album, Wish - The Anderson & Petty Holiday Album, showcases the enchanting voices of Liz Callaway, Drew Seeley, Alexa Green, Natasha J. Barnes, Sean Allan Krill, and many others. Notably, their song "(Stowin' Away) In Santa's Sleigh" recently gained recognition as it was featured in the beloved Hallmark Holiday movie, Christmas By The Book.

Tickets for Wickedly Ever-Green…A Musical Theatre Celebration are available now!

From the iconic ‘Popular’ to the ground-shaking ‘Defying Gravity’, this concert party celebrates the best of Wicked. Don’t miss out, book your tickets now!

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