Interview with The Play That Goes Wrong’s Daniel-Cech Lucas

Updated on 15 November 2023

For his West End debut in The Play That Goes Wrong at London’s Duchess Theatre, Daniel Cech-Lucas has found himself playing a character that has a world of responsibility on his shoulders, and as you can imagine, the results are disastrous.

Daniel plays the almighty Chris Bean, a character who is a Director, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Prop Maker, and everything else for the fictional play The Murder at Haversham Manor, that takes place in The Play That Goes Wrong. To celebrate all things Black Friday, we had a Q&A with the man behind the mayhem. So, let’s dive headfirst into the witty, wild, and wonderfully chaotic world of The Play That Goes Wrong with Daniel Cech-Lucas!

Daniel Cech-Lucas Interview 

1. How do you get yourself ready for the stage?

Daniel: For this show, I need a good vocal and physical warm-up and a game of pattyball with the company (kind of like volleyball, very fun). Then I try to go into the show ready for anything. Know what you're setting out to do, but don’t take anything for granted and stay open to whatever might come your way that night.

2. If you weren’t playing your current role, who else in the show would you like to play? 

Daniel: I love playing Chris, who gets to play the Inspector, but I’ve always thought Dennis would be a fun one to try.

3. What's your favourite autumnal treat?  

Daniel: I really like autumn as a season. I think the colours are amazing, so I’ll say the leaves turning red, yellow, and orange are my treat.

4. Speaking of treats, what are you hoping to treat yourself to this Black Friday? 

Daniel: You know we’re so busy with the show I hadn’t even realised it was around the corner. Maybe a new magnifying glass!

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