London Theatre Direct’s weekly news roundup (8 February 2023)

Updated on 8 March 2023

From announcements, extensions and plenty of production images for us to feast on, it has been an epic week in the West End. Treat yourself to something sweet this week, via the brand-new piping-hot set of rehearsal images that have been released for The Great British Bakeoff Musical, where the cast are at their baking stations preparing to whisk up a storm! The images can be seen here.

Over at Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons, Aidan Turner and Jenna Coleman’s faces are painted with mixed emotions as they communicate in front of an eerily futuristic background, but what are they saying? Are they saying anything at all? It’s hard to tell when you’re limited to 140 words a day!

In other news, the best boozer in the world aka The Choir of Man extends its opening hours and adds a new cast to its rota. Enjoy a complimentary ice-cold beer and familiar and new faces behind the never know who you'll meet down at the pub. Read all about it here!

Love is in the air as Jamie Bogyo and Michael Ball team up in Aspects of Love to expose all of love's imperfect forms. It’s an epic tear-jerker, an even bigger adaptation and will have you wondering how three generations of one family can cause so much chaos. Read all about the star-studded cast here!

The rebellion continues to grow bigger each day, with Disney’s Newsies extending its booking period to 30 July 2023. Not only is it based on a true 20th-century story fuelled by romance and drama, but you can read more about it here.

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By Kevin Thomas

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