London Theatre Review: On Your Feet, the story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan

Posted on 2 August 2019

Gloria Estefan.  An instantly recognisable name, synonymous with a good time. Telling the story of how Gloria and her husband, Emilio became stars of the Latin vocal and dance culture, and their fight to achieve a crossover into the English market is The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan: On Your Feet! I went along to the London Coliseum to see if this show would indeed get me On My Feet! 

The storyline for On Your Feet isn't unusual - boy meets girl, girl wows boy with their combined musical talent and they reach world success with their style and ethos. It is a jukebox musical but the secret to this show's success is the choreography. It is phenomenal and I say that without irony or agenda. The swiftness and ease which the tempo changes are dealt with and in such a fluid pace really highlights the tension of the story.  There is a particular scene where the cast are tapping their way through a song, the precision and staccato beat timing is undeniable and due applause should be given to the cast and choreographer.

The cast is tightly knit and very cohesive, working together seamlessly.  George Ioannides and Philippa Stefani in the titular roles played to each other perfectly, complimenting their rhythmic and vocal styles with ease and panache.

On Your Feet! is one to watch, you will definitely be tapping your toes throughout!

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