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    My Stage Favourites

         I thought I would go for something a little different in this blog, I'm sure we all have those performers that stand out to us in particular for one reason or another, so I thought I would highlight some of my favourite theatre stars and tell you why I enjoy their work in particular. I hope you can share your stage faves with me too, so we can celebrate these great performers!

    1. Dianne Pilkington

    I saw her in Mamma Mia! in September 2015 and this was probably the first time I was really wowed by a performer. I've always loved the character of Donna, and thought Meryl Streep was untouchable in the role (as prior to seeing the show on stage, I'd grown very attached to the film) however I was wrong. Dianne shined in that role (and in fact I went three times in total to see her), and I hope to see her return to the stage soon. (Fun Fact: I did also see her in a Panto at the Victoria Palace in either 2003 or 04, but I was too young to remember unfortunately!)

    2. Idina Menzel

    Although she is known beyond the realms of theatre these days, this is where she started out and what I think she'll always have a great love for. I am yet to see her on stage in any form, but she created two iconic roles (Maureen in RENT and Elphaba in Wicked) and I just adore Idina and could easily listen to any soundtracks that she features on endlessly.

    3. Gemma Arterton

    Although probably better known for her roles on screen in films, she is well credited with her stage work. I've seen her 3 of her most recent productions (Saint Joan, Nell Gwynn and Made in Dagenham) all of which have been very different and truly showcased what a diverse and talented actress she is. I hope she continues to return to the West End, as she fits in perfectly.

    4. Mazz Murray

    I've seen Mazz in Mamma Mia! twice and she's the perfect Tanya. I've listened to clips of her in We Will Rock You also. She's cheeky but fun.

    5. Killian Donnelly

    I saw Killian in Kinky Boots twice, and I was quickly charmed as I think he has a great energy and charisma. I've since listened to a few tracks from Memphis too and I hope to see him more in the future, but at the moment he's busy tearing up Broadway in a reprise of his role as Charlie.

    6. Rebecca Trehearn

    I saw Rebecca in Show Boat, and her vocals blew me away. I really want to see her in more, I think she'll go onto great things.

    7. Ben Forster

    I've seen Ben in two shows; Elf and The Phantom of the Opera. Two very different parts, and I thought he was brilliant in both! This just showcases what a diverse performer he is, and how he's come a long way since his breakthrough on Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s TV talent search show for ‘Superstar’. Would definitely love to keep seeing him in more shows.

    8. Amy Lennox

    Similar to Killian, I saw Amy in Kinky Boots twice and fell in love. Her version of Lauren had me in stitches; I have since discovered her on the Legally Blonde soundtrack too. I think she's a brilliant actress, who will only continue going onto great things.

    9. Kimberley Walsh

    Although not first known as a stage star, I've always been a fan of Girls Aloud and I've seen her in 3 shows (Shrek, Sweet Charity and Elf) and I think she's great. Theatre was always her original love, and she's been doing well in the shows she's been in so I hope she finds a way back soon.

    10. Laura Michelle Kelly

    Sadly I haven't seen Laura in anything either, but her talent and charm is quite something. I would particularly like to see her in Finding Neverland if the show ever comes here and she'd be willing to reprise the role.


    Other notable mentions include Matt Henry, Micheal Xavier, Kerry Ellis and Carrie Hope Fletcher. I should probably stop there though; otherwise we'd be here all day. But there we have it, they are 10 performers I could see time and time again. Tell me yours @theatre_direct #StageFav


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