Only Fools and Horses Musical: Top 5 songs!

Posted on 12 March 2021

Only Fools and Horses The Musical have confirmed they will reopen in London from Friday 1 October 2021 and you’d be plonkers to not be excited about it! In the meanwhile, as the return to Hooky Street at the West End’s Theatre Royal Haymarket is some time away, we’re going to be having a cushty time listening to the original cast recording! Read below for our Top 5 songs and see if they match up to your own.

Tickets for London’s Only Fools and Horses Musical at Theatre Royal Haymarket are now back on sale and are booking until 26 February 2022!

Top 5 Only Fools and Horses Musical Songs

5. Margate This Time Next Year

Coming in at fifth place is ‘Margate This Time Next Year’ which is the last song on the original cast recording. This song signifies the closing of the show and nicely rounds up the journey that Only Fools and Horses The Musical takes you on, whether that’s just listening to the album or watching the show. It’s a truly feel-good number and it's perfect to sing and dance along to at home – and in the theatre when given that waited for go ahead!

4. Lovely Day

The musical features numerous songs written just for the show as well as songs that fans of the beloved tv series will recognise. The Bill Withers song ‘Lovely Day’ is a perfect inclusion and strikes a great balance between old and new. It hits the nostalgic spot for the Only Fools and Horses fans and is enjoyable amongst the new songs for the musical theatre fans.

3. Bit of a Sort

What is a musical comedy without songs that are unabashedly fun? ‘Bit of a Sort’ is just that! It’s comical, it’s camp and all-round good fun! It’s certainly become a highlight of the show and huge props for that go to Oscar Conlon-Morrey. The number has certainly become a fan favourite and its perfect for a dose of feel good.

2. The Girl

Who doesn’t love a good ballad? ‘The Girl’ is the most traditional musical theatre song, and introduces the character of Raquel. It is pivotal in the story (of the show) and is inspired by the OFAH tv episode ‘Dates’ – which hits all the nostalgic points for fans!

1. Only Fools and Horses Hooky Street

Coming in a number one has to be title song ‘Only Fools and Horses/Hooky Street’. The number is based on the tv show opening theme and even if you’re not a fan, you’ll probably recognise the catchy jingle. It’s great fun and light-hearted, and most people recognise it, which makes it the perfect way to set up the show and immerses you in the OFAH world.

Tickets for Only Fools and Horses The Musical are now booking!

Only Fools and Horses The Musical will reopen at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket on 1 October 2021. Only a forty-two-carat PLONKER would miss it! Only Fools and Horses Musical tickets are now booking until 26 February 2022.

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