Review: Witness for the Prosecution in 250 words - Court is now in session!

Posted on 23 September 2021

I have been summoned for Jury Service.

Taking my place in the Jury seats at the palatial County Hall, I settle down for another whodunnit from the wonderful Agatha Christie, whose well known West End play, The Mousetrap is London’s longest-running show (which you'll also want tickets for). Being a legal eagle myself, I was interested to see how this would ‘play’ out and if I would be able to differentiate between the innocent and the guilty.

It is very difficult to write a review about a show that I have been sworn to silence about in traditional Christie style - not to give away the secret. Leonard has been accused of murdering a young, wealthy widow. When his wife agrees to testify, it is not as you would perhaps think, in favour of him; she agrees to be a Witness For the Prosecution. Sorry folks, I can’t give any more away, other than to say the twist in the tale comes straight out of left-field.

The cast is well melded. The opposing Counsels’ were superb, the enunciation and pronounced RP glorious to hear. Jonathan First as Sir Wilfred Robarts Q.C. was as formidable as any Counsel I have come across. Emer McDaid and Joe McNamara perfectly complimented each other. I thoroughly enjoyed Martin Turner as Mr Justice Wainwright. Should he ever feel like a career change, training at the Bar would be right up his street…

These are hot tickets and hopefully the closest you will ever get to a Murder Trial!

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