Theatre Royal Drury Lane Best Seats and Seating Plan

Updated on 3 June 2024

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, opened in 1663, is the oldest theatre in continuous use and remains one of the most influential venues in the West End. With a rich history spanning centuries, it has hosted numerous productions by renowned artists such as Noel Coward, Nell Gwynne, and Julie Andrews starring in My Fair Lady. If you are lucky enough to attend a show here, selecting the right seat is crucial for a memorable experience. Keep reading to learn which seat will suit you best.

What are the Best Seats at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane?

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane has four seating sections: the Stalls, the Royal Circle, the Grand Circle and the Balcony.

If you want to be up close to the cast and action, the Stalls are an excellent choice. However, the seating arrangement can vary, and it is important to choose your seats carefully. The section is divided into the front and back, with the first few rows next to the Orchestra Pit, although this may be distracting for some. The middle of the Stalls are the best for a clear view of the stage.

The Royal Circle is divided into three blocks of seating and offers an unobstructed view of the stage. The gentle rake allows for a great view even for smaller patrons.

The Grand Circle is situated directly above the Royal Circle and offers a clear view with great sound quality. However, this section is quite high and steep, and those sitting at the end of the row may have restricted viewing due to the curve.

For the best value for money, the Balcony is a great choice with excellent views. The seats are steeply raked, providing an unobstructed view of the entire stage. However, audiences sitting in the first couple of rows may have obstructed views from the safety rail, and may feel more distant from the stage.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane seating plan


How many seats are at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane?

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a total capacity of 2,196 split between the four sections, making it one of the 10th biggest venues in the UK.

Are there accessible seats at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane?

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a lift that provides step-free access to all four areas. Non-transferable wheelchair spaces are available on all levels, except for the Balcony. For step-free access, it is best to use the Russell Street entrance.

If you have limited mobility, the stalls are the best section for you. You can access them step-free from Russell Street up to Row M. Inside aisles in the stalls are suitable for transferable wheelchair users.

To access the Royal Circle, you can either take 39 steps or use a lift to reach Row L. The stairs have handrails on the far left and far right, but the central aisles do not have handrails.

To reach the Grand Circle, you need to climb 66 steps from the ground floor. However, step-free access is available up to Row E from the lift.

The Balcony is located at a height of 112 steps from the ground level. Unfortunately, there is no step-free access on this level. However, there is a lift that can take you to the front of the level. Then you would just need to climb two steps up to Row B.

What shows are on at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane?

Frozen the Musical has been showing at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane since August 27, 2021. The show is based on the global hit film and features Queen Elsa, whose powers cause an eternal winter in Arendelle. With the help of her sister Anna, they try to save the future of Arundelle. The show includes all of your favourite and familiar faces, but do you agree with our ranking of the best Frozen characters?

The show also features the iconic songs from the film plus brand new songs. The show has an excellent cast, an outstanding soundtrack, and an extraordinary set that will melt the heart of any audience member.