The best family shows to book this Black Friday

Posted on 24 November 2023

Take the self-stirring mug out of your virtual basket, and don’t even think about picking up the avocado shaped USB stick, because we have something you, and your whole family, will actually want this Black Friday: a trip to the theatre to see the very best the West End!

These fantastic feel-good shows will stay with you longer than those hastily purchased silver flared trousers will stay in your wardrobe. With productions for those fully embracing the upcoming holiday period (Elf!, The Snowman), as well as those who would rather go back in time then attempt to cook a full roast dinner for 16 people - plus pets (Back to the Future), we have something for everyone on your Christmas list (as well as a little treat for yourself, of course.)

Frozen | Save up to 35%

A magical tale of sisterly love and singing snowmen, Frozen is a spellbinding fairytale fit for a modern audience. Adapted from the all singing, all dancing Disney original film, this stage production is bursting with songs, laughter and a heap load of magic.  

The multi-award-winning production has received seven Whats On Stage Awards and countless standing ovations since it first opened over two years ago, and it shows no signs of letting it’s spell on the West End go. Featuring seven original songs from the Oscar winning songwriters behind the 2013 film, the production is perfect for those who have played the soundtrack on repeat (as well as those hoping for a few new songs!)

Elsa loses control over her magical powers, the kingdom of Arendelle is plunged into an ice-cold winter and the newly crowned queen seeks solace in isolation. Anna, determined to bring back summer and mend her relationship with her sister, embarks on a quest to reinstate their home to its former glory.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | Exclusive Prices

Nineteen years after the legendary Battle of Hogwarts, the boy who lived has all grown up, and he’s facing his biggest challenge yet – raising a teenage son.

While Hogwarts most notable alumni receives a visit from a dying man, Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs. Forever marked by his history, Harry Potter is not always present as a dad, and his youngest son Albus feels left in his fathers shadow.

To make his school life more bearable, Harry's son, Albus Potter, and his unlikely best friend, Scorpius Malfoy, decide to change the narrative forced upon them, and endeavour to become the heroes of their own story. Overhearing the dying man’s request that his father refuses to fulfil, Albus and Scorpius steal a Time-Turner to travel back into the past and attempt to save a life. As past and present ominously fuse, both father and son must learn an uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places. 

Elf! | Save up to 43%

Buddy the Elf is coming back to London! We know him!

Based on the instant cult classic film starring Will Ferrel, Elf! follows Buddy, a larger than life (and larger than his friends) ‘elf,’ and his journey to the big apple.

After crawling into Santa’s rucksack on Christmas Eve, Buddy takes an unexpected trip to the North Pole. Welcomed into the elf community with open arms, Buddy is unknowingly raised to be one of Santa’s little helpers. He is blissfully unaware of his human traits until soon enough he begins to notice some peculiar things, he is much taller than his little friends, and not as good at making toys. Aware that he may never truly belong at the North Pole, with Santa’s permission, Buddy embarks on a life-changing journey to New York to discover his true identity.

The Play That Goes Wrong | Save up to 51%

The multi-award-winning international hit is the West End longest running comedy, and it’s clear to see why! Packed to the gills with hilarious slapstick and clever word play, the farcical show has gained a large following for its seamless blend of physical comedy and theatrical satire.

The ficticious Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are attempting to stage their answer to Agatha Christies The Mousetrap, however it doesn’t quite go according to plan. The actors struggle with forgotten lines, missed cues, malfunctioning props, collapsing sets, and a variety of other mishaps, all of which contribute to the chaos on stage. However the show must go on, and soon stage managers and other backstage crew are slipping into costumes whilst trying to salvage the set with nails, sticky tape and prayers! It’s a nightmare for the company but hilarious for the audience, as everything that can go wrong… does!

The Snowman | Save up to £21

Forget walking, you’ll be floating in the air after seeing this charming classic come to life on stage!

Midnight strikes and a young boy jumps out of bed, keen to catch Santa making his nocturnal rounds. However, he discovers something even more magical, his snowman has come to life…

Soon James is whisked away, journeying high above Big Ben and the Brighton Pier, before finding himself at a fabulously festive party. Here the young boy jigs with a series of magical snowy creatures, and meets a jolly old man in a bright red coat.

Back for it’s 26th year, The Snowman is a magical stage adaptation of the much-loved picture book by Raymond Briggs and the film directed by Dianne Jackson.

Back to the Future | Exclusive prices

Following an impromptu ride in a DeLorean-cum-time machine assembled by BFF Doc Brown, Marty crash lands in 1955, and into a whole heap of time related trouble! As he makes his way over to the younger version of the mad scientist that sent him back in time, Marty finds himself face to face with his teenage-aged parents. Which is kinda heavy…

Marty McFly is desperate to (Mc)flee back to 1985, but in order to do so he must convince his parents to fall back in love, so he has a future (and life) to return to. However, when his dad can barely look at his future mum without the help of a pair of binoculars and a tree branch to hide behind, it isn’t looking good for the accidental time traveller. Can Marty play cupid to the could-be couple, or will his chances of going back to his present crash and burn (like one of his dads’ jokes)?  

This hilarious musical based on the cult 80s film is filled with heart, Nike high tops, and state of the art effects. Now make like a tree and book your tickets yesterday.

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