The Secret Ingredient to Waitress’ Success

Posted on 12 August 2019

Based on the indie 2007 film of the same name, who would have thought this pie-warming story would be such a hit both on Broadway and in the West End. The beloved musical adapted by Jessie Nelson (book) with songs written by the incredible Sara Bareilles (music and lyrics) boasts a successful run on Broadway, beginning early 2016 at the Brook Atkinson Theater. The West End received a transfer earlier this year and it’s the slice of heaven pie we all hoped it would be. Why is this new musical so popular though?

Read below to see my guesses on the secret ingredient to Waitress’ success…

Strawberry cream wonderous story pie

No musical can carry itself without a good crust at the base. The story is what holds any musical together and that’s no different with Waitress. You’ll go through the full range of emotions with this deep-dished musical and circle back to the beginning. If you’re anything like me, your face will be tear-stained from both laughing too hard and crying through the entirety of ‘She Used To Be Mine’.

The story follows Jenna Hunterson and her best friends Becky and Dawn, who are waitresses in a pie diner. Despite the monotony of living every day in the same routine, Jenna loves to bake and escape from her abusive, no-good husband. Everything changes however when she finds out she’s pregnant and feels more trapped than ever…

Chocolate dream creative team pie

Did you know that Waitress is the first West End (and Broadway) show with an all-female creative team? And they truly are an absolute dream! The book was written by the amazing Jessie Nelson, adapted from the 2007 film written by Adrienne Shelley. Music and lyrics come from Sara Bareilles, musical arrangements by Nadia Digiallonardo, and choreography by Lorin Latarro. The production is directed by Diane Paulus. This wonderful musical is a complete inspiration for female creatives who are struggling to make their mark. Waitress is helping make the changes so desperately needed in this industry, and in the world, and they’re a huge success whilst they do so.

Very berry fabulous cast pie

The West End production of Waitress began on 8 February this year and starred Katharine McPhee, who reprised the role of Jenna (having also played the role on Broadway) and in June, we saw a cast change. Lucie Jones now dons the Jenna apron and she is simply breath-taking. She is equipped with vocals that blow the roof of the Adelphi Theatre night after night and brings a fun, quirky side to the lead character. However, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security, as she brings heaps of emotion to the smallest of moments, bringing a delicacy to the character and breaking your heart in ways you hadn’t even considered possible. Jones is in amazing company, along with David Hunter who originated as Dr Pommater in the West End. His honey-sweet, smooth as butter voice and effortless comedy and charm perfectly complements Jones’ Jenna, making them an irresistibly delicious pair. Also making the diner dazzle every night is Marisha Wallace with a powerhouse range as Becky, Peter Hannah with his love-to-hate portrayal of Earl and Laura Baldwin (who returns to the production tonight!) with her phenomenal voice as Dawn.

Sugar sweet superb songs pie

The 2007 film of the same name starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion premiered at 2007 Sundance Film Festival and its success saw it being bought by Fox Searchlight Pictures. However, it wasn’t until the film was adapted for the stage that the songs were added. This indie film-come-musical boasts brilliant songs by none other than American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. ‘She Used To Be Mine’ has gone viral numerous times due to the sheer amount of covers that have been uploaded across various platforms on the internet. The song just oozes heart and power, the lyrics relatable to many no matter how different their story. Everyone has an inner Jenna and this song really relays this, which is why it is so genius. There are comedy songs that are fun and playful, heartfelt songs, and heart-breaking songs. This musical has it all and each song is of top-tier, blue-ribbon-winning quality and it’s a huge reason why this pie show is so loved.

Fan favourite fruit-filled pie

Of course, nothing can be a success without its fans, and it goes without saying that Waitress wouldn’t be the hit it is without its loyal pie base… I mean fanbase. This show connects with people and for some, that connection makes them go back again and again. The cinnamon-scented theatre is a safe haven, where audiences can escape. The diner serves more than just pie but happiness in decadent measures. Jenna teaches us to be all-the-way happy and not just happy enough. The show teaches us that we can be good despite our imperfections and that second chances can always happen. No matter what it is that fans love about Waitress, there’s no denying that raw connection and that’s how you know a show is special.

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