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    Valentine's Theatre Date

    January is slowly ticking by and come February the looming Valentine’s Day will be upon us. There are two predicaments here; you don’t have a someone to share the big day of romance with or you’re lucky in love but don’t quite know how to live up to the pressures of romance. Well, you’re not to worry as surely a theatre trip is the answer to whatever Valentine’s predicament you’re in. Here are some shows that would make the perfect date and some alternatives for those not so keen on romance.

    Mamma Mia
    Set of to a Greek Island this Valentine’s Day… okay, not an actual Greek Island, but you’ll feel all the warmth and magic of this paradise setting as you lose yourself in the songs of ABBA. It’s a classic story and one you probably already know, but just in case you don’t then be prepared for a tale of love and soul-searching. There’s nothing more perfect than this smash hit musical to set up the perfect date. But hey, don’t feel like it has to be a date, go with your best pal and enjoy some romance and giggles without the attachment!

    The Woman in Black
    So, arguably the scariest play on the West End, not very romantic, right? Well, this is the play that can work for both you who want to go on a Valentine’s Day theatre date and for those who may want to forget about the day altogether. Hauntingly brilliant and now running for 28 years on the West End, there’s no mistake that it’s a masterpiece of a show. It’s also perfect for the February 14th, it’ll either spook you completely out of your wits and have all traces of the lovey-dovey day at the back of your mind, or it will have you clinging to your date.  

    Phantom of the Opera
    31 years in and the Phantom still remains one of the most sought after shows to see on the West End; making it the perfect gift to your loved one. It’s a popular tale and one of love that is so strong that it even overshadows the shadows in which the Phantom is forced to reside in. With songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, it’s safe to say that the music is beyond outstanding, making this musical truly a classic.

    Eugenius! is 2018’s big new musical and set to have a strictly limited run so if you or your significant other are theatre lovers, then this is something you’ll definitely want to share on the day of St Valentine. This musical is set to have you laughing, crying and give you all the butterflies you’d expect from a teenage love story. Superheroes and comics play a significant part in this show and will have your inner geek feeling joyous!

    The Great Gatsby
    Whether you want to spend Valentine’s day completely in spirit or you’re not really sure what the fuss is about, this show is just the thing to ensure you have a good night. The show is immersive it so just might give you the excuse to get closer to your date or maybe meet someone new. Let Jay Gatsby get you into the party spirit, with all the jazz music, swing and cocktails that the roaring 20s are known for.


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